International Tuba Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 2, 2021: What are some good ways to train for a demanding physical activity?


Sunday, May 2, 2021 is International Tuba Day 2021. International Tuba Day: History International Tuba Day

International Tuba Day

Celebrate International Tuba Day! Tuba gamers around the world struggle every single day using the weight and dimensions of the instrument, in addition to stereotypes connected by using it. The tuba is an integral part from the brass portion of the band, yet sitting behind using their massive instrument before them, tuba gamers frequently possess a difficult time being seen, a smaller amount obtaining the respect they deserve. Joel Day, 1 of 2 tuba gamers in the senior high school band felt deficiencies in appreciation of tuba gamers by his fellow music artists, as well as in 1979 began International Tuba Day inside a look for recognition. Show your support and find out more about this instrument by attending a Tuba Day celebration in your town, knowing any tuba gamers inform them you appreciate their contribution, and when you're a tuba player then play your tuba lengthy and noisy!

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What are some good ways to train for a demanding physical activity?

I would suggest a work out of running between 3 to 5 miles three times a week with resistance training (lifting weights) the other two to three days. You have to have at least one recovery day in the week or you wont do anything for yourself. If you can work up to running 6-10 miles and doing a hard weight workout, you should be good for anything. Work on the abs and back, that is your core and is the center of everything else you will be doing.

Travelers in the jungle and forest?

Travelers in the jungle and forest?

Yes there are groups like this that travel extensively through the forest. You may have to train for a good while to become proficient enough to keep up with these groups. There is a strong hierarchy of experience and education, mostly from on the job experience. You may have to be cautious of environmental changes that have affected the ability to traverse through the jungles, some of these changes are man made. You can also find that even after joining these groups, you may not be accepted right away, in fact you might feel outright predjudice from the group. Some of these groups are called white faced monkeys and they are more accepting than many of the other groups. The fer de lance corps may be more slippery to find without having to slither about. You might want to purchase a tuba if you want to join the howler group. With some paint you mgiht be able to blend in with the blue morpho group but the tough part there is the flying skills. I have seen some of another group wandering through the forest but they were part of the I'm a celebrity, get me out of here group. : = } You might also see survivorman or house hunters international out there. Be careful...

Seriously the best chance of this type of adventure is to head down to the Corcovado, take a boat out of Sierpe to one of the eco lodges out in the Corcovado. These lodges are off the grid and some have excellent hiking and mountaineering during the day with jungle guides. This type of experience is not cheap however so expect to pay over $100 per day. Another alternative is to go to a place called hacienda baru and rent one of their canopy jungle huts. These huts are basically platforms in the canopy where you live up with the animals.

Most of the national parks in Costa Rica are not like parks in the US. Most do not have trails and nature centers, hiking maps, sanitary facilities etc and many are unpassable being entirely dense jungle or forest and attempts to navigate into these places would likely make you very lost. There is one international park in Costa Rica, La Amistad, owned jointly by Costa Rica and Panama that might have jungle hiking and remote camping facilities, check via Google or Bing.

Experienced Airline travelers, this may seem like a silly question but how do I pack better?

Experienced Airline travelers, this may seem like a silly question but how do I pack better?

As a frequent flyer.....I know 50 lbs is really not alot, and small things add up quickly.

They only real trick, is to only bring essentials- Things you cannot bear to be without. Other stuff can be bought and replaced once you get there. Also, as you *can* bring more bags......but you just have to pay extra extra for them.

I've been charged for overweight bags, and merely OVERSIZED bags.

Lightweight stuff.----but the bag was too BIG. Airlines really get you coming and going these days.

I remember when it was TWO 70lbs bags on international flights, and no limits on carry ons!

I've seen people try to lug TUBA'S onto the plane as a "carry on".

These days......if you don't play by their rules....they just slam with you with fees and extra penalties.

Some ROOM saving try not to have any empty space, at all.

Like, if you bring a Box of cereal, let's say.....half of that is AIR.---and the box is half empty, even new. Take things out of their packaging, or squeeze other stuff, into that empty space.----so you utilize every inch of space.

Also, instead of wrapping fragile stuff with bubble wrap...which is a space waster........just wrap the stuff in CLOTHES that you will need and use once you land. Like if you have a beach towel....use the towel to wrap things. That way it serves TWO purposes. Try to think like that.......and double use everything.....pack in such a way, that the clothes themselves, work like padding for fragiles.

Often people just throw stuff in, and it's exposed on a soft side and will get broken, as it tumbles down a chute or something.

But over stuffing a suitcase can easily bring it to over 50 lbs....and they really don't play games anymore.

I was once stopped for a bag that weighed 50.5 pounds.

I was like.....You gotta be KIDDING me???? But they made me take something OUT, or pay the fine.

So I took something out and threw it away. Wasn't Worth the price of the fine.

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