Baby Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 2, 2021: Breastfeeding help! Have meeting out of town - 4 days away from baby!?


Sunday, May 2, 2021 is Baby Day 2021.

Baby Day

Smiley, squishy, faces are great good reasons to put Baby Day into the spotlight. Although it’s hard to pinpoint why, or where this very day came from, you can speculate! Anybody that has ever yearned for, had, or known an infant, could list a large number of explanations why babies are special. Babies are not only cute, but they're innocent in ways that allows you to see goodness on the planet. They provide you with hope, happiness, thus making you strive to become better person. Also would you request for?Mark Baby Day inside your calendar, and employ it to cherish the infant you've, or arrange for the infant you would like. Should you aren’t thinking about making babies in the near future, or perhaps your ‘baby’ is travelling in 6 inch heels, or sporting a 5 o’clock shadow, take this very day to celebrate having a niece, nephew, or grandchild. Demonstrate to them how fortunate you are feeling to possess them inside your existence, and also have a fantastic day.Alternatively, if you will find no babies inside your family, why don't you make a container for any new mother inside your neighbourhood, or graciously donate to some baby related charitable organisation? Make a move precious this Baby Day!

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Breastfeeding help! Have meeting out of town - 4 days away from baby!?

My baby is 5.5 months old and I just had to go away for 4 days due to a court case. Fortunately, I knew I had to go so I had some milk stored. However, it turned out that I did not testify on the day they said I would and I had to stay 3 additional days. In that time, the baby ran out of milk! Of course this freaked me out! I called baby's doctor and he told me to use Similac... Can't remember which one it was but the bottle is blue and silver.

Your baby will be ok with formula. I know it makes you feel horrible but he will survive.

Now, you are going to be uncomfortable! Get some nursing pads! If you are flying, you will most likely leak on the plane (I DID BIGTIME!). I don't know if it was the change in altitude or just the fact that I was so distraught leaving my son! Either way, some nursing pads in my bra would have been a nice thing! You will have to pump and pump a lot. I pumped and froze my breastmilk then carried a little cooler with some icepacks back with me on the plane (just be sure you don't fill each bag of milk with more then 4oz or they won't let you take it on the plane). If you don't want to do that you will have to pump and dump. I pumped 6 times a day (every 4 hours). I think I only skipped 1 time when I was asleep. When I got back, all my son wanted to do was nurse! No sooner did he see me then he had his head up my shirt (literally!). I felt like I nursed him for 3 straight days afterwards! And truthfully, it was about every 2 hours (like he was a newborn!) that he wanted to nurse for about 45 minutes. I of course let him! My milk was back up to par after that! It had decreased slightly while I was away.

So, yes, you will be able to continue a good nursing relationship when you return!

My advice is to RELAX! Pump as much as you can before you go. You can only do what you can do at this point! I know it feels awful to formula feed the baby!!! TRUST ME, I CRIED AND CRIED the day my mom had to give him the formula!! I promise, your baby will be ok! Just keep pumping... Don't worry if your supply decreased in a day or two, baby will help build it back up as soon as you get back. If you are giving baby solids, skip them when you get back and just breastfeed to help it build back up. Give yourself a break! You are an awesome mommy! There are too many people out there that don't give what thier baby eats half the thought that you are giving your baby! Keep some nipple butter on hand so that they don't get sore while pumping so much! All will work itself out!

Very best wishes to you and your baby!

how many bottles of milk shoud an 8 month baby take each day?

how many bottles of milk shoud an 8 month baby take each day?

Baby's should have a maximum of 32 ounces of formula per day. At 8 months it's OK for her to have a 4 oz bottle of water each day, too, (more when the weather is hot). Make sure she's eating her baby food from a spoon. Limit juice to just a few ounces a day (from a CUP ONLY) and dilute it at least by half. (If she never gets juice, that would be even better. It's not very good nutrition. Fruits and Veggies are much better than juice.) Don't take Helen's advice below. The majority of an infant's nutrition should be coming from breastmilk or formula and 14-15 ounces is NOT enough!!

Do babies have extra needy days sometimes?

Do babies have extra needy days sometimes?

Babies definitely have needy days and less needy days. They are people too, really... everyone has days where they need more rest or more interaction or are bored, etc.

Same with sleeping. Some nights she will sleep through the night, most of the time (for now) she'll be up regularly. Some (tiring) days, she'll stay up basically all day and night.

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