Don't Step On A Bee Day 2024 is on Wednesday, July 10, 2024: What if you don't take the bee stinger out of where it stung you?

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 is Don't Step On A Bee Day 2024. Don't Step On A Bee Day Don't Step On A Bee Day

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Don’t Step On A Bee Day

Don’t Board A Bee Day is a vital indication the fate from the common bee is based on the total amount – with bee amounts in certain nations getting cut in half within the last decade without any apparent cause, it’s vital that people be certain to maintain bee populations, pollination and honey production.

What if you don’t take the bee stinger out of where it stung you?

It depends on the kind of bee. Bumble bees and wasps do not have barbs, so the females can sting you over and over without leaving a stinger. The honey bee stinger, however, has a barb, and is lost when the bee retreats. Attached to the stinger is a venom sac which continues to pump venom into the victim for another 45 to 60 seconds. Removing the stinger promptly, within say about 15 seconds, probably reduces some of the pain.

Your itching may be due to a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

Bee stings?

Bee stings?

Cloth soaked in vinegar might help. It helped me when I was stung by a wasp but I put it on immediately afterward. Don't know if it will still help after 2 days but it won't hurt to try.

Looks like you would need to go to a doctor to get the stinger out. She could also judge if it is normal redness or possible allergy. Please do not take any meds before you go see your doctor because that would frustrate treatment and allergy tests.

help I stepped on a bee and no ones home?

help I stepped on a bee and no ones home?

Sweetie, are you allergic to bees? If not, don't sweat it. Put some ice on it for the swelling, and wait untill someone gets home.

If you are, then relax. Getting worked up is the WORST thing you could do. I would call the neighbor back, and ask them if you can hang out with them untill someone gets home, just incase. Don't get worried though, if its on your foot, then probably nothing will happen. I'm VERY highly allergic to bees, and I stepped on one a couple days ago. It still hurts like heck, but i'm fine.

Stay relaxed, and in controll. :]

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