Bill of Rights Day 2024 is on Sunday, December 15, 2024: Bill of Rights

Sunday, December 15, 2024 is Bill of Rights Day 2024.

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Bill of Rights??????????????

The Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution of the United States on December 15, 1791. On the 150th anniversary of this event in 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed December 15 as Bill of Rights Day. He wanted to make Americans aware of their rights and to remind them of their duties as citizens of the United States. On this day in 1991, Americans recognized the 200th anniversary of these important amendments that have proved so essential to the American political tradition. To me they are all important.~

Why has Yahoo Bill Pay been broken 6 days?

Why has Yahoo Bill Pay been broken 6 days?

I have tried to access Yahoo! Bill Pay for 2 days now and I all get are broken links with messages like:


I am currently experiencing a short term financial challenge and I arranged with a creditor to adjust an upcoming payment. I have not been able to adjust the payment because I can’t access Yahoo! Bill Pay. The payment is going out. Thank god, the creditor was very understanding and said not to worry, that they will send me a check.

Although I am able to sign into My Yahoo!, I am unable to get my Yahoo! Security Key verified. Once I am logged into My Yahoo!, I enter my Yahoo! Security Key, wait about 10-20 seconds and get a broken link. I’ve tried different browsers. I tried Internet Explorer, which is my default browser, and then tried Firefox browser but that doesn’t solve the problem. Whether I use IE or Firefox, I still get a blank page with some sort of canned error message.

I have also my firewall and security settings and that doesn’t solve the problem. I have concluded that the problem is with Yahoo and not me.

Not being able to immediately access Bill Pay 24/7 like I’m usually able to do sucks! What really sucks is Yahoo’s apparent lack of customer service or providing the customer a way of resolving this issue.

I tried finding a number or email address to Yahoo! Customer Service. Trying to use Yahoo’s help section was like entering a maze filled with a bunch of mirrors. In desperation, I decided use Google to find a point of contact using the keywords Yahoo! Bill Pay and Checkfree. Lo and behold, I located an email address that I could send my complaint to. Thank god for Google!

I have to admit that Yahoo responded fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the response was unacceptable. Yahoo’s email response was to research the issue and “be in contact with you within three to five days with an update or resolution."

I’ve done many things online from finding last minute lodging in Egypt to filing for unemployment online. I went online and found lodging in Egypt on the same day I am about to depart from the United States. This was a positive customer experience. I went online to file unemployment in the state of Texas. Filing for unemployment in and of itself isn’t necessarily a positive experience, but being able to do so easily and quickly was very positive.

I consider myself a sophisticated online customer. I understand things happen. What I have experienced the past several days is unacceptable. I have been a very unhappy Yahoo! Customer. I don’t know what the hell is going on and spent precious hours trying to find out who or what to contact.

I have had more help using Google than Yahoo’s “resources.” I found the Yahoo! Answer section using Google.

There is nothing to Yahoo! About dealing with this situation.



Bill of Rights????????/?

Bill of Rights????????/?

There are only 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights, and they are not very long. You could have looked it up yourself in less time than it took to type all of that.

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