Video Games Day 2020 is on Saturday, September 12, 2020: Why are video games so complicated these days?


Saturday, September 12, 2020 is Video Games Day 2020.

Video Games Day

Game titles represent among the biggest and quickest growing entertainment industries – from consoles and hardware, to games and add-ons, as well as towards the music, artwork and dialogue in games, game titles really are a huge a part of modern existence. Video Games Day reminds us that game titles continue to be a really new creation if you are a relevant video game fan or perhaps a hardcore player, take the time to become awed through the rate of progress – and when you aren't a game titles person, a good this very day to give it a try?

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Why are video games so complicated these days?

I totally agree with you. Although I can handle many of the more complex games that use a lot of buttons, most of the time it is just a big headache for me and I just want to play something that's simple and easy to get into. There have been many times I didn't want to bother with a game because the controls were just too confusing or complex and I just didn't see fit to bother with it. And some of them can be very much so!

The reason why video games and their controllers are becoming more and more complicated is because video games have evolved to catering more and more towards the hardcore gamer crowd. Over the years the people who religiously play video games know specifically what they want to see from developers - more and more refined and complex gameplay, battle, menu and status systems, and so developers in turn comply by making games more complicated. In effect, this catering is towards "the hardcore" gaming crowd while putting in little consideration that the game may be an off-putter for newcomers. Of course, this won't matter at all if the main selling audience for the game are the hardcore gamers.

Video games then become very in-depth and enjoyable for seasoned gamers, but extremely intimidating for those who don't play games or haven't played them in a while. Picking up a controller full of many buttons and two analog sticks is very discouraging and very much an obstacle to someone who has not become accustomed to playing such games. It might seem easy to the avid gamer who has been gaming for years and years and are used to all those buttons, but certainly not so simple for many, many people.

Gaming is a great hobby, but when there is a ten foot hurdle to jump over first if you want to get there, many people are just not going to bother.

video game help?

video game help?

Your Video and Online Games hero is here to save the day! Except, well, uhh, unfortunately for you, I don't play childish games like Spyro! Rated M games are my thing, sorry!

Why can’t we (guys) play video games all day?

Why can't we (guys) play video games all day?

If you can find a woman to agree to that, go for it, my brother. But you should definitely negotiate it on the front end and video it or something, because I guarantee the day will come when you would have to use the video as evidence.

Live the Dream!

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