Stand Up To Cancer Day 2020 is on Saturday, September 12, 2020: Height of MCG stands?


Saturday, September 12, 2020 is Stand Up To Cancer Day 2020.

Stand Up To Cancer Day

Endure Cancer aims to create an easy movement against cancer. Through TV and also the internet, specially the USA-based telethon that happens about this day, the ninth September, famous brands and also the entertainment industry synergy they are driving home the content that together we are able to stop cancer.One out of two males and one out of three women are affected from cancer within their lifetime (American Cancer Society). We are able to all have the terrible disease, if the person identified is really a friend, a parent or gaurdian, a young child, a brother or sister or perhaps a partner. Endure Cancer goal to create a u . s . front from the disease, raising money and advocating forward breakthrough research.Endure Cancer Day activly works to heighten the profile of research into cancer remedies and cures, to boost the available funds to back these studies and also to gather the very best groups of researchers and experts, getting rid of obstacles for their progress.We are able to all do our bit to stacks up to cancer, so today consider giving towards the cause, become involved by raising money or assisting with one of the numerous non profit organizations and initiatives trying to provide treatment, research and support, and first and foremost, honor and don't forget individuals who've been impacted by the condition.

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Height of MCG stands?

he first grandstand at the MCG was the original wooden members’ stand built in 1854, while the first public grandstand was a 200-metre long 6000-seat temporary structure built in 1861. Another grandstand seating 2000 and facing one way to the cricket ground and the other way to the park where football was played, was built in 1876 for the 1877 visit of James Lillywhite’s English cricket team. It was during this tour that the first Test Match was played.

In 1881 the original members’ stand was sold to the Richmond Cricket Club for £55. A new brick stand, considered at the time to be the world’s finest cricket facility, was built in its place. The foundation stone was laid by Prince George of Wales and Prince Albert Victor on July 4 and the stand opened in December that year. It was also in 1881 that a telephone was installed at the ground, and the wickets and goal posts were changed from an east-west orientation to north-south. In 1882 a scoreboard was built which showed details of the batsman's name and how he was dismissed.

When the Lillywhite tour stand burnt down in 1884 it was replaced by a new stand which seated 450 members and 4500 public. In 1897 second storey wings were added to ‘The Grandstand’, as it was known, increasing capacity to 9,000 and in 1900 it was lit with electric light.

More stands were built in the early 20th Century. An open wooden stand was on the south side of the ground in 1904 and the 2084-seat Grey Smith Stand (known as the New Stand until 1912) was erected for members in 1906. The 4000-seat Harrison Stand on the ground’s southern side was built in 1908 followed by the 8000-seat Wardill Stand in 1912. In the 15 years after 1897 the stand capacity at the ground increased to nearly 20,000.

In 1927 the second brick members’ stand was replaced by the present Pavilion at a cost of £60,000. The Harrison and Wardill Stands were demolished in 1936 to make way for the Southern Stand which was completed in 1937. The Southern Stand seated 18,200 under cover and 13,000 in the open and was the main public area of the MCG. It was where the famous Bay 13 was located, the MCG’s equivalent to The Hill at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

The Northern (Olympic) Stand replaced the old Grandstand for the 1956 Olympic Games and ten years later the Grey Smith Stand and the open concrete stand next to it were replaced by the Western (now Ponsford) Stand.

On 3 March 1967 the Duke of Edinburgh laid a foundation stone for a new Western Stand, which was completed in 1968 (known as the Ponsford Stand after 1986).

The MCG was the home of Australia’s first full colour video scoreboard which replaced the old scoreboard in 1982. In 1985 light towers were installed at the ground, allowing for night football and day-night cricket games.

In 1988 inspections of the old Southern Stand found concrete cancer and provided the opportunity to replace the increasingly run-down 50-year-old facility. The projected cost of $100 million was outside what the Melbourne Cricket Club could afford so the Victorian Football League took the opportunity to part fund the project in return for a 30-year deal to share the ground. The new Great Southern Stand was completed in 1992 at a final cost of $150 million.

The 1928 Members' stand, as well as the 1956 Olympic stand and the 1968 Ponsford stand were demolished in late 2002. They were replaced with a new structure in time for Melbourne to host the 2006 Commonwealth Games. Despite now standing as a single unbroken stand, the individual sections retain the names of Ponsford, Olympic and Members Stands. The redevelopment cost exceeded AUD$400 million and pushed the grounds capacity over the 100,000 mark (when standing room is taken into account). Since redevelopment, the highest attendance was the 2008 Grand Final of the AFL with 100,012.

are you afraid of getting cancer, do you do anything hoping to prevent it?

are you afraid of getting cancer, do you do anything hoping to prevent it?

My mother and brother died from cancer when I was very young and I was afraid of also dying from it for many years. However, one day my husband said to me, "If you stand looking out of the window long enough, you will see it rain." That was day I really understood that my fear was causing me to miss out on all the joys of living, and that if I was going to be any good for my husband and my children, I had to live each day with joy instead of worrying about the future and when and how I was going to die. We are all going to die eventually, and all any of us have is this particular moment in time--no one is guaranteed tomorrow let alone next week, next month, or next year.

The point is, God will walk with us through every step of our lives and He will give us the grace to face whatever we are challenged with WHEN we are challenged with it. In the meantime, the way I see it, our "job" is to LIVE JOYOUSLY and to try to make this world a better and happier place for those we come in contact with.

Having said that, I also try to make wise decisions for myself as far as my health goes. I exercise regularly, eat nutritiously and moderately, see my doctor for annual physicals, and follow through with whatever cancer screening tests she thinks are appropriate. For example, my mother had breast cancer and later died from ovarian cancer. I do monthly self breast exams, have a yearly mammogram, and see my doctor immediately if I find any suspicious lumps. I also have an annual CA125 blood test to screen for ovarian cancer. Other than that, I try to live one day at a time as well as I can to the honor and glory of my God.

Good luck--I am praying that you will put your faith and trust in God,--take your fears and worries to Him and leave them with Him--make wise health choices for yourself, and go out there and LIVE LIFE UNAFRAID AND TO THE FULLEST :-).

Have you ever stood someone up?

Have you ever stood someone up?

We all do this once in a while sometimes its inevitable.

due to on purpose or by being interuptted by like a earthquake

or a emergency your not gonna make every single appointment

in your entire life their gonna be some rainy days where its not possible

to be where you stand up some one or dont make a appointed meet time. Ask the moms trying to make school closing time daily for years how many times they needed to get a subsitute or stand in

so the pickup happens those kids expect it every day on time not late and without excuses. but life will not allow this to even be possible.

Specially if mm gets sick or has cancer or is hit by a car

or grandmoim dies or anything can happen in life to stop so dont expect things in life for the normal is not normal at all.

And life is nt fair nor is it fuliflled as expected life is random the fact things happen on time and every day is a fluke. its not habit and its should never be expected to not be changed due to life.

people are way to caught up in self to be so dis ingenuous to thing in the realms of every day expec t without fail someone to be there on time without change or deay once in a while its not just if there is a will there is a way sometimes there is no way and very little will after the fact. things change and life changes expect life to change and be in constant change dont over expect such things from those you love unless you yourself are able to be perfect.

life is not perfect nor is it on schedule every day every time it just dont happen in true life that way and itsnot right to expect it every day.

schedules and lives change in constant change.

never ever expect someone to be on time every day some days they will be early some later never on time dueto the contraints of life never

the same although people love and are lover s of sustained unchange

planned constant is dependable but its not normal nor is it

able to be on time even trains on a scheduled track on the same line

every day cant be on time without delays or change and these trains are built like stamped out and erected and built the same

but liek all things man made or that require some body to perform these trains will be late or early or not on time not every day but during their lifetime they will experience elays and some times they will revcover quick and not be noticed some days they will be out of order and other days totally unable to work at all.

dont ever go with a planned schedule and not expect a bit of change to alter your schedule plan for the unplanned unschduled.

yes we all stand up someone or another in life its only human

you will not be able to be in two placses in life and one of the places will be okay with it the other will be mad at you for missing the appointment. be stood up and dont expect perfection in life or life will always disaappount you,. always disaapoint you dont go thru life always disappointed be flexible enough to know some will be late

and excuse some of the behaviours in life cause your not perfect and no one else should have to be held as perfect.

Bosses watching time clocks should know this right off

not eveery worker in a plant will be in the door on time 24 hours a day 7 days a week for decades without some flexibility due to health

communications,transportations,routes,emergencies, disasters,

and accidents. otherwise ever company in the usa would have to fire

a lot more employees than are fired every year due to the fact

no one is perfect not even the bosses.

24/7 365 is immpossible goal tobe 100% 100 % of the itme get real.


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