S'mores Day 2019 is on Saturday, August 10, 2019: Will I become anorexic or skinny if I don't eat anything for 5 or more days?


Saturday, August 10, 2019 is S'mores Day 2019. National S'mores Day is TODAY new National S'mores Day

Will I become anorexic or skinny if I don’t eat anything for 5 or more days?

No, you will not become thin if you don't eat for five days. Your metabolism can be seriously slowed if your body rips into fat and muscle tissue, making your digestion of foods slower. And anorexic and skinny are not synonyms: anorexic is an eating disorder, and skinny is slang for a body type. Don't go with starving yourself, it will never help you in the long end. I'm not telling you what to do, I'm suggesting you don't. Cons? How about your nervous system and heart muscles breaking down? You'll be lethargic and in severe cases, your heart may fail. And no, eating nothing may make you "skinny", but it will kill you. Mark my words.

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I Can’t eat more than once a day without feeling guilty?

I Can't eat more than once a day without feeling guilty?

I'm like that too, but I'm trying to lose weight. You are at the perfect weight--even skinny. Just try to eat a little more each day and only healthy food. Make sure you eat protein like grilled chicken and fish, drink milk, eat vegetables. You shouldn't feel guilty unless you are eating junk food. Eat egg whites for breakfast with ham and cheese. Eat a ceasar salad with chicken for lunch. Just make sure you don't lose any more weight!

what’s more important day cream or night cream?

what's more important day cream or night cream?

Both :) i'm very strict with my skin and you will notice definetly the benifits :) Try to only use natural products on your skin because harsh chemicals can often be causing more damage then good in the long run. So i stick with Nutrimetics because it is all natural, no animal testing blah blah blah but it works wonders which is the main thing :)

A day cream should contain a sunscreen to help protect skin from UV rays. I've found so many problems trying to find a daycream with SPF that doesnt clog pores but ive found these two to be great - others can be very overpowering and too 'sunscreeny' haha.

- you get better value in the pack but it really depends on your skins needs. lol.

I absolutely love love love this one -

ahh smells soo good haha. :) but not overpowering? i'm so sensitive to smelly products but this one has the most subtle smell i love it haha :)

In a night cream you don't exactly want an SPF because it is unnecessary. It should moisturise well and repair your skin :)

This one is fantastic -

but then this one smells delightful -

It's a matter of finding what works best for you but it is definetly important to have a day cream with SPF and a night cream that helps to repair your skins needs :) Another extremely important point is to drink lots of water - always helps ;) :)


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