Endangered Species Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 16, 2021: will mosquitoes ever be an endangered species?


Sunday, May 16, 2021 is Endangered Species Day 2021. Endanger species‎ Join Nat Geo to save endangered tigers, lions, cheetahs. Sign up.

Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day highlights the plight of numerous at-risk and significantly endangered types of wildlife, and highlights ways that we are able to alter our behavior in small ways every day to be able to assistance to safeguard and save these animals.

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will mosquitoes ever be an endangered species?

LOL. I don't think they could become endangered in all honesty. As long as there's one, and something around that's breathing, there will be many more skeeters in a short time. Different areas of Minnesota have varying degrees of mosquito severity. This year a bad place to be is my area. There are three species of them here and everything was obviously just right for them in my area, because they are really bad. I have to wipe down my horses several times a day with a repellent. When the horses see me with that plastic jug and a rag, they run towards me. Any standing water at all, no matter how temporary, has mosquito larvae in it visible as they cycle from bottom to surface waiting to mature. Even if they were bred in captivity, if just one escaped, we would be back to square one. That's why I say if there's one, there can be a great number in a short time. Their life cycle as a winged insect (not including larvae stage) is between 4 and 8 days depending on species. But they have a mission during that time, and they do it well.

It is only the females that bite. They use blood for its high protein for reproduction. Biting Flies do the same thing.

why help protect endangered species?

why help protect endangered species?

By protecting endangered species we are also protecting ourselves. If enough OTHER species of plants and animals go the way of the dodo...then one day we will too.

extinction?? Endangered species?

extinction?? Endangered species?

Yes, it's the people. Personally i love animals, and even trying to be a vegetarian!! Humans like killing animals for many reasons: their fur, their healthy meat, just plain ol' meat, mounting dead animals for display(taxidermists), FUN, practicing shooting, pride (omg I'm cool cus i caught a huge fish), among others. But thanks to many organizations, some endangered animals are being protected, when they can be. Other animals are just dieing in thousands each day, literally, like the sharks for their fins to make in soups. Mostly in Asia.

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