Choral Day 2018 is on Saturday, December 8, 2018: Choral Auditions?


Saturday, December 8, 2018 is Choral Day 2018. MEZZAPAGINA_2013_def.jpg Promote World Choral Day 2013

Choral Day

Get along with your buddies and sing! Choral Day encourages choirs and choral singing in most forms, and aims to advertise oneness, global causes and community through choral singing.

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Choral Auditions?

There are some Vivaldi cantatas for alto that move around a lot, if you're trying to display agility. But if I were doing a choral audition, I'd be more concerned about displaying musicianship than in range or vocal pyrotechnics. In's your sight reading?

School Days........?

School Days........?

I actually have a few. But I'll mention the first two that popped into my mind at almost the exact same time. They were both in 10th grade:

One was on a field trip. The group I was hanging out with got into a game of truth or dare. They were smoking and drinking alcohol ::shocked face:: Luckily, I was too smart to join them. A little while later, a police man came up to talk to us. Someone told him we were in a gang and making obscene gestures as they drove by. (a total lie) I felt a little like a hero that day :) Being the only one who was totally sober - I was the one who talked to the police officer.

Another was in health class. I was like the only girl. (there were a couple other girls enrolled, but they skipped a lot) I was very shy and two of my friends came in and were singing to me until class started. My face turned so red! I just wanted to hide. Now I look back on that moment with a smile.

What should we sing in a choral concert?

What should we sing in a choral concert?

Go to these websites (and others like it). It carried choral arrangements of many, many popular modern songs.

Glee arrangements are very popular these days.

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