Caviar Day 2018 is on Wednesday, July 18, 2018: Valetines' Day Showstopper.?


Wednesday, July 18, 2018 is Caviar Day 2018. World's Finest Caviar‎ Since 1920, Petrossian Caviar has been the benchmark for quality.

Caviar Day

Nothing states luxury rather like eggs ... If you've never ever attempted it in the past, give it a go for Caviar Day-- and if you're a seasoned pro, dig in!

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Valetines’ Day Showstopper.?

Caviar on toast points and foie gras; fillet of sole meuniere, steamed asparagus with hollandaise, and potatoes dauphin, and fresh mango sorbet.

Just a random thought, here, though: maybe HE should be treating YOU. You're the one who trusted him to be a good father/husband by having a child before he committed to you.

Mario Badescu Caviar Day or Night Cream?

Mario Badescu Caviar Day or Night Cream?

I used it and let me tell you,I didn't see much change in my skin. I used the whole jar and then compared my face to before I started using it and there really was little to no difference. It does smell good tho!

caviar and champagne?

caviar and champagne?

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel

How nice of you to invite me to your party, I love caviar - when it sort of pops in your mouth - delicious.

Do I hear corks popping? Yipeeeeee !!!!!!!!!

So my present to you is to wish you the most adventurous year ahead - that all you wish for yourself comes true and that your year is exciting.

PS... I am so chuffed guys that you have noted my birthday - and yes sorry Inno its 8 July not June. BUT thank you for even taking the time to note it !!!!!!!

Also on this date Wednesday, July 18, 2018...