World Vegan Month on November, 2023: what are you doing for world vegan day?

November, 2023 is World Vegan Month 2023. The Vegan Society World Vegan Month Events

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World Vegan Month

Ever considered going vegan, although not sure how to start? Vegan Month is devoted to educating about vegan eating and life styles, and inspiring you are taking give it a try. Participate when you eat and living vegan, preventing animal crueltly, and living a more healthy existence!

what are you doing for world vegan day?

I didn't know there's a world vegan day. And I'm a vegan 8 months today. :)

What are you doing?

Vegan who buys leather bags and I still vegan?

Vegan who buys leather bags and I still vegan?

I think "vegan" is commonly used two different ways:

-A person who does not consume animal products

-A person who does not use animal products.

You are a vegan on the first definition, and not one on the second.

From an animal rights perspective, it would certainly be better to use only used leather products. If you are only using "recycled" leather, then it is hard to see what harm you are doing (assuming the process of recycling does not use other leather or animal products.) Still, though, you would not, strictly speaking, be living a vegan lifestyle. But if what you are doing doesn't harm any animals (presumably the reason why you are interested in veganism), it doesn't matter. It is, after all, only a label. You would be vegan in spirit, just not in name.

One final note, if you ever talk to others about animal rights, though, you should seriously think about giving up the recycled leather. It has been my experience that when talking to others about moral issues they disagree with, the first tactic usually is to look for any hypocrisy. This is completely irrational (since being hypocritical is a flaw in people, not in the argument itself), but people usually are swayed for irrational reasons. Seeing leather on your feet while you defend your belief that killing cows is wrong is going to discredit you in the eyes of many, no matter how well you present your case or defend your beliefs.

winenut: What do you do to help that 13 year old? Are you involved in non-profits that work to end global poverty or child labor? How much do you donate to UNICEF?

I find that people are quick to criticize those who are concerned about animals actually do nothing themselves to help their fellow humans. They generally spend their money on themselves and work at a standard job which doesn't really do anything to address the pressing issues the world faces today. If this describes you, you need to seriously think about your own priorities. If by devoting effort, money and time to help animals, she is prioritzing animal welfare ahead of child slaves, then the person who spends their money, effort and time on making money to buy luxuries (you?) is prioritizing their big screen TV's, fancy clothes, etc. above starving children. That seems far worse.

i need vegan help please?

i need vegan help please?

Hi, I've been vegan for over a year now and it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

There are so many meal options! My favourites are Vegan Chilli, Vegan Chow Mein and Vegan Moussakka. There is usually a way to make anything vegan, sometimes it just takes a bit of imagination!

Health food shops such as Holland and Barrett sell goodies like vegan cookies and flapjacks. Trust me vegans do not miss out on sweet treats! Vegan cakes and cookies and desserts are delicious - better than those with animal products in my opinion!

Despite all of this, you say that you don't like vegetables so I would seriously think about whether this is a good idea for you. I was a vegetarian before I went vegan and have always loved vegetables. Vegetables do make up the majority of a vegan diet so you would need to think about how you would be able to get your nutrients if you are not a fan of vegetables.

Becoming vegan does take experimentation, it took about 5 months until I found the right vegan foods to supply me with all the nutrients I needed to make me as healthy as possible.

I would recommend buying a vegan cook book, or just looking on the internet.There are some great vegan recipe sites and blogs, my favourites are;

I hope this helps!

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