World Thinking Day 2022 is on Tuesday, February 22, 2022: Some days I think that the world would be better off without me?


Tuesday, February 22, 2022 is World Thinking Day 2022.

World Thinking Day

Thinking Day came from from the desire by Girl Guides / Girl Scouts to dedicate each day to considering and appreciating the worldwide spread of those actions. Every year a taking part country is chosen and it is culture and general living conditions considered on during the day by all guides and scouts. The concept is to produce a greater awareness and knowledge of different cultures and then any global concerns regarding that specific region. It may sound similar to individuals endless, global conferences attended at great cost by political figures, which rarely show results. The Lady Guides and Scouts Associations, however, do things in a different way.A 1p donation is asked for from each member meant for projects that aid Girl Guides / Girl Scouts from member nations in need of assistance. Political figures should possibly dedicate eventually yearly to taking into consideration the simple plans as formatted through the caring and uncluttered minds from the world’s youth.

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Some days I think that the world would be better off without me?

Think of everyone who loves you.

Now imagine them reading this with you...a very secret innermost contemplation that you are having right now..

Now imagine the look of shock on their faces and sadness.

For those people--the world wouldnt be better off without you, in fact it would tear their world apart.

Even if you think you have noobody their is probably someone you interact with on a daily basis..a chick who sits by you in a class, people you work with, parents, siblings etc etc... Even if you dont think the relationship is as significant as you want it to be, if you werent there it would tear them apart.

Angst, I get it... But angst ends and it makes you more interesting in the long run. Just dont let it devour you.

Do you think one day stupid people will rule the world?

Do you think one day stupid people will rule the world?

Yes, i would say stupid people already rule the world.

i am a stupid person, so i might rule one day Yaaay

If the world thinks of peace on World Peace Day 11/11/11 will peace happen?

If the world thinks of peace on World Peace Day 11/11/11 will peace happen?

I don't know the NWO is really into numerology, let's hope it doesn't fall in their numbers chart, do you think it is an accident that 9 11 happened on the same number that you call for emergency 911? If they really want to destroy all hopes of peace, I would think they would target that day with a big event. All we can do is each person individually be peace, and refuse to fight in all the wars for politics, lies and power.WE did it in the 60's with Vietnam, we can do it again. We will not have peace in the world until we get rid of many of our sponsoring beliefs..that there is not enough, that we are separate from each other, that God is mean and vengeful and it is okay to walk in it's footsteps...many things are wrong with what people are believing which sponsors what we are being and the effects are shown in what we are doing. We fight wars for peace, we have a war on drugs - drug use is way up because of it, a war on cancer, using poison, radiation and cutting,most of the time killing the host instead of the cancer and cancer is the second leading killer next to heart attacks, the third major killer is medical practice and drug interactions, a war on drugs and big pharma wants everyone on a cocktail of their see now a little of the problem? If you really want to help, read New Revelations by Neale Donald Walsh and A New Earth by Edkhart Tolle, they both say the same thing in different words, but can give you many things that you can do to help save our species.

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