World Oceans Day 2022 is on Wednesday, June 8, 2022: How many days do you recommend for Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun?

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 is World Oceans Day 2022.

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World Oceans Day

Oceans Day is really a yearly event to celebrate and honor the physiques water that come along all. The oceans generate the majority of the oxygen we breathe, they regulate our climate, plus they feed us.But the good thing is, we still know hardly any about the subject under 10% continues to be investigated, and researchers believe over 9 million species are not yet been discovered within the dark blue depths!So whether you opt for a dip, surf, scuba-dive or participate in with one of the numerous occasions organised in over 45 nations worldwide, let’s celebrate and honor our oceans, and encourage more youthful decades to find yourself in their conservation.

How many days do you recommend for Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun?

For the record Worlds of Fun isnt small. There will be a lot of walking. If you do it in one day I would suggest you do Oceans of Fun in the morning (11:00 A.M. to 2:00 PM) and Worlds of Fun in the evening (3:00 P.M. to 7:00 pm). But, then again, Ive spent more than 8 hours a day at each park. I suppose the amount of time you plan to spend in each park matters most. Two days should be enough. Also there building another Water Park in Kansas City called Schlitterbahn. It's supposed to be about twice the size of Oceans of fun, and Oceans of Fun, and Oceans of Fun isnt small. Cant wait for it to open!

when is world ocean day celibrated?

when is world ocean day celibrated?

June 8----

how and why are differnt worlds created within lord of the rings (the 1st one)?

how and why are differnt worlds created within lord of the rings (the 1st one)?

The Creation of the World: Arda was formed as a platform world originally, with the atmosphere as a hemisphere covering the top of the world. One continent existed with one large ocean in the center, with one island where the Valar dwelt. To the north and south were the Pillars of the Valar, which shed light across the world. The Pillars were thrown down by Morgoth, and their fall wrecked the world.

The Days before the Sun and Moon: The continents took shape, and the oceans settled. The Valar took up their abode on the western continent, called Valinor, and one of them named Yavanna caused the Two Trees to grow in central Valinor. One was golden and one was silvered. They shed light each at their own time, and when they both shone there was an intermingling of the Light, but this Light did not extend across the Sea to Middle-Earth as the eastern continent was known. Morgoth and Ungoliant caused the destruction of the Two Trees and plunged the world into darkness once more, and this prompted the Valar to create the Sun, Moon, and stars.

During the Days before the destruction of the Trees the Elves awakened in the far East of Middle-Earth and were soon contacted by Orome, an agent of the Valar. The Valar sought to bring the Elves to Valinor for their protection since Morgoth was still loose in the world. Morgoth captured some of the Elves anyway and corrupted them into the race of Orcs.

The Elves splintered into several groups, but three groups eventually did reach Valinor even though Morgoth tried to hinder their passage by raising the Misty Mountains to bar their way. After untold years in Valinor Feanor was born, and he crafted the Silmarils with the Light of the Two Trees. When Morgoth and Ungoliant destroyed the Trees they also attacked Feanor's home and slew his father and stole the Silmarils. Feanor swore vengeance and led the Noldorian Elves back into Middle-Earth to recover the Silmarils. It took years for them to cross the Helcaraxe (the Grinding Ice) in the North and back into Middle-Earth, and as they reached the continent the Sun arose for the first time.

The First Age: The Elves fought many wars against Morgoth and his creatures, including Orcs, Balrogs, Trolls, and Dragons, attempting to contain his forces in the North and to devise some way of retrieving the Silmarils. Feanor died in battle with a force of Balrogs almost as soon as the Elves reached Middle-Earth, but his sons swore the same oath to retrieve the Simarils. Men had awoke in Middle-Earth at the rising of the Sun, but did not come into Beleriand (the western lowland region of Middle-Earth) until centuries later. The Elves were forced into hidden realms such as Gondolin and Nargothrond in order to prevent Morgoth's forces from overrunning them. Eventually they were overrun, by treachery and ill-luck, and all seemed lost. Then the Valar themselves came, leading an army of Elves and Eagles, with Earendil at their head. Earendil bore a Silmaril, cut from Morgoth's Iron Crown long ago by Beren and Luthien, and he fought and cast down Ancalagon the Black, mightiest of Morgoth's dragons, and his fall broke the mountains of Morgoth's fortress Thangorodrim.

Morgoth's armies were destroyed, and the few survivors fled - the Dragons into the north to the Withered Heath, the last Balrog into the caverns under the Misty Mountains (where Moria would be delved during the Second Age), and Sauron into the East. The titanic forces unleashed during the War caused Beleriand to sink during the next few years and the surviving forces of Elves and Men fled eastwards into the uplands of Middle-Earth.

The Second Age: The Men who joined the Valar were rewarded with an island realm named Numenor, and they were soon the masters of the sea and the coasts, fighting against Sauron, who tricked Celebrimbor into teaching him Ring-lore. Sauron forged the One Ring and assembled an army of orcs and trolls. The Nine Rings he corrupted, and when the lives of their owners came to a close they became the Nazgul, the Ringwraiths. Sauron was defeated in battle by the forces of Numenor, and carried as prisoner to Numenor, but within a hundred years he corrupted them and brought about their utter ruin. Only a small portion of the Numemoreans survived the sinking of the island, and they came to Middle-Earth under Elendil and his sons Anarion and Isildur and founded the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor. Valinor was removed physically from Arda and the world was remade into a globe form by Illuvatar, Eru, the One, or God when the Valar laid down their guardianship of Arda.

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