Watermelon Day 2024 is on Saturday, August 3, 2024: is it ok to eat a whole watermelon in a day?

Saturday, August 3, 2024 is Watermelon Day 2024. The Green Room National Watermelon Day

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Watermelon Day

Join the popularity and revel in a slice of watermelon for Watermelon Day! Are you aware, watermelons are gone 90% water, which makes them a really appropriately named fruit!

is it ok to eat a whole watermelon in a day?

Watermelon is basically water, so while your jaw might be tired, there is nothing wrong with eating a whole watermelon in a day, the only issue might be if that is all you ate and aren't getting the fiber and nutrition that you need on a day to day basis

What is with the watermelons these days?

What is with the watermelons these days?

Buy the pale green ones with stripes. The dark green ones are seldom good.

To make it sweeter add a little salt.

To get the sandy texture ones instead of a crunchy one, lightly slap the watermelon. You want one that sounds more hollow than solid - a lower hollow and less dense sound means it is less crunchy.

I eat a whole Watermelon a day, is that bad?

I eat a whole Watermelon a day, is that bad?

I love watermelon, too! But a whole watermelon is probably too much. I recommend you to eat half of it and put the rest in the fridge. Eating a whole one kind of hurts your stomach..

Also on this date Saturday, August 3, 2024...
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