Water Ski Days on June, 2023: Back pain after water skiing?

Water Ski Days 2023. 43rd Annual Water Ski Days - Discover Lake City 43rd Annual Water Ski Days

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Back pain after water skiing?

At this point in time, you are still in an inflammatory state--you've injured yourself and your body's inflammatory reaction is trying to start the healing process. It's probably most likely a sprain/strain and chances are, it will get better on it's own over the next few days.

No need to seek medical help unless you start getting worse, start developing pain that radiates to the arm/leg that is accompanied by numbness, tingling, or focal weakness OR you develop unusual symptoms such as inability to uninate/control your bowels or profuse weakness that causes imbalance and/or falling. If these things happen, seek medical attention...immediately if the latter happens.

After three days, most people can start resuming light activity within their tolerance and use a heating pad/hot shower for aches and pains.

Friday fun day ideas. ?

Friday fun day ideas. ?

Water skiing..

Should I still be water-skiing ?

Should I still be water-skiing ?

keep skiing, younger generations always like to watch more experienced skiers, it's fun and can be a learning experienced for them... I'm 21 and enjoy watching my uncles. and a couple of them are in there mid to late 50s. Ski until the day you can't ski no more!

Also on this date Thursday, June 1, 2023...