Use Less Stuff Day 2023 is on Monday, November 20, 2023: How can we, women, carry around less stuff in our bags?

Monday, November 20, 2023 is Use Less Stuff Day 2023. Dietitians Online Blog: November 15, America Recycles Day and Use ... Use Less Stuff Day;

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Use Less Stuff Day

Inside a world with quickly diminishing natural assets, conservation can be quite important. Use Less Stuff Day is about re-using, patching up, recycling and handing things lower instead of tossing them and purchasing something totally new.

How can we, women, carry around less stuff in our bags?

The stuff in your bag is not overkill. You have a completely acceptable amount of crap in your bag. Males also have to carry a notebook, text book, and school supplies. I had a friend who carried all manner of crazy stuff in her bag, like gum, breath mints, condoms, tampons, unopened chapstick, bandaids, hairspray, extra pantyhose, all kinds of weird sh*t, and it turned out that she did it in case anyone she knew ever needed something. What?? She's the nicest human who ever lived, to tote that heavy crap around just in case someone else needed it. Whenever I think about it now, I'm still blown away by her niceness. I am nowhere near that sweet.

i am 13 eat less than 1000 cal. per day?

i am 13 eat less than 1000 cal. per day?

Honestly they say that's bad but I personally think some people are just like that. All the females on my moms side o the family including me are at perfect weights but we run off small meals a day. My mom usually eats 2 small meals a day this is how she always ate and she's a gym nut and fit, I personally eat on average 800 calories a day breakfast lunch dinner and snack and force myself to eat 1000 on some days and I'm starting to lift weights and I'm building muscle on my low calories. I'm 18 and there's absolutely nothing wrong with me health wise I know I just had a physical. And I'm 5'2 18 and 121 lbs and mostly muscle. Always ate this way. So you should be fine

When does the eBay/PayPal 21 day sales wait go away?

When does the eBay/PayPal 21 day sales wait go away?

Sellers are less prone to the "21 day hold" after they have received 100 FB.

However, the "21 day hold" can be significantly shortened! If you purchased Delivery Confirmation via eBay or PayPal, the funds will be released about 3 days after DC shows "Delivered".

Alternately, the funds will be released after the customer leaves positive feedback.

So, there ARE alternate ways to get your money faster!

Also on this date Monday, November 20, 2023...
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