U.S. Postage Stamp Day 2023 is on Saturday, July 1, 2023: Have you seen the new DC Superheroes U.S. postage stamps yet?

Saturday, July 1, 2023 is U.S. Postage Stamp Day 2023. JULY 1ST, 2013 NATIONAL POSTAL WORKER DAY – NATIONAL U.S. POSTAGE ... NATIONAL U.S. POSTAGE STAMP

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Have you seen the new DC Superheroes U.S. postage stamps yet?

I am opposite of you, I like the new Green Arrow stamp from the Judd Winick run. Perhaps I feel the old Kirby Arrow is just a little silly now days. I agree with the Aquaman though, that was a good choice. I also like both of the Batman stamps. I like most of the character profiles. The two I don't like are the Green Lantern and Flash covers, I feel world bubbles are a little inappropriate on stamps. Also, I do not know if you heard, but supposedly this is only the first set, and there should be at least 2 more of various superheroes. So hopefully that remains true, I guess the Post office is seeing how much interest there is in them.

mailing from U.S. to Canada?

mailing from U.S. to Canada?

In the US you havean international postage stamp, with a first or second class letter figure 7-10 days, as it has to go through several US Postal depots and the same here before delivery.

I worked in Canada in a number of provinces and sent money back and in Japn, Singapore and Jamaica and did the same, time lines about the same.

The world’s first postage stamp was introduced in what year?

The world's first postage stamp was introduced in what year?

postage stamps were first introduced in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on May 1, 1840 as part of postal reforms promoted by Rowland Hill. With its introduction the postage fee was to be paid by the sender and not the recipient, though sending mail prepaid was not a requirement. The first stamp, the Penny Black, put on sale on 1 May, was valid from 6 May, 1840; two days later came the Two pence blue. Both show an engraving of the young Queen Victoria and were a success though refinements like perforations were instituted later. At the time, there was no reason to include the United Kingdom's name on the stamp, and the UK remains the only country not to identify itself by name on the stamps (the monarch's head is used as identification).

Stamps were not officially perforated until January 1854,[1] except in the parliamentary session of 1851,[1] when stamps perforated by Mr. Archer were issued at the House of Commons. In 1853, the Government paid Mr. Archer £4,000 for the patent.[1]

Other countries followed with their own stamps: the Canton of Zürich in Switzerland issued the Zurich 4 and 6 rappen on 1 March, 1843. Although the Penny Black could send a letter less than half an ounce anywhere within the UK, the Swiss continued to calculate mail rates on distance. Brazil issued the Bull's Eye stamps on 1 August, 1843. Using the same printer as for the Penny Black, Brazil opted for an abstract design instead of a portrait of Emperor Pedro II so that his image would be not be disfigured by the postmark. In 1845 some postmasters in the U.S. issued their own stamps, but the first official stamps came in 1847, with 5 and 10 cent stamps depicting Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. A few other countries issued stamps in the late 1840s. Many more, such as India, started in the 1850s and by the 1860s most countries had stamps.

Following the introduction of the stamp in the UK the number of letters increased from 82 million in 1839 to 170 million in 1841. Today 21 billion items are delivered by post every year in the UK.

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