Turtle Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 23, 2021: how many times do i feed my turtles a day?


Sunday, May 23, 2021 is Turtle Day 2021.

Turtle Day

Turtle Day encourages you to definitely uncover the field of turtles and tortoises, and also to learn the best way to assistance to safeguard and enable them to thrive. Ideas include dressing as turtles, saving turtles on streets, or involved in turtle research.

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how many times do i feed my turtles a day?

Turtles in the wild have to work for their food, chase fish and forage for aquatic plants, so they often don't get much at a time and don't get to eat everyday. Their digestion is not built for that and they don't always know when they're full--they're opportunistic eaters. So you definitely should not feed them more. You should take them out in a shallow bowl of water and feed each one separately, especially the two smaller ones. Babies 2 inches long or less should eat once a day 6 days a week. As they grow you should slowly work that down until its twice a week or every third day as adults.

I like to always leave greens and chunks of carrots or veggies floating in their tanks 6 days a week, swapping out every other day. These are high nutrition and challenging to eat, but they're low calorie and low protein so they're not likely to get fat from eating too much. I also like to buy feeder goldfish in bulk (like three dozen at least) and dump them in there. A few will disappear quickly but most of them will learn how to avoid the turtles for awhile and that provides the turtles with exercise and mental stimulation, and when they do eat one whole live food is the best thing they could eat as it contains the bones (for calcium) and liver (for vitamin A and D and others).

Since turtles don't eat everyday, they need a 24 hour period to clear their gut out and get things back in order. So one day a week I remove all food (except any live fish) and don't feed.

when is national turtle day?

when is national turtle day?

May 23 as World Turtle Day by American Tortoise Rescue.

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You will NEVER overdose vitamin D3 from a an aritificial UV light. Turtles bask all day in the wild and the sun is 100s of times stronger than the best artificail UV light. No worries about overdosing D3 via lighting. However, if D3 is given orally, you need to be careful.

I know ReptiGlo and I have used it before. The best is keep the lamp as close as possible to the turtle, since most UV lights are very poor and do not give off very much UV light. Most breeders and keepers doubt the amount of UV emitted from the tubes/bulbs from using a UV metre, and so we do not rely on artificial UV to provide the D3 content, instead we rely on food and supplentation. With that said, artifical UV does provide psychological benefits and it should be kept on duirng daylight hours; longer in the summer and shorter in winter. Turtles need regular daylight or else they'll go stir crazy. How you woud you like your light on all day and night.

One more thing about artificial UV light... it does not penetrate water very well, no more than couple of inches. It also does not penetrat glass very well either, especially our doble or triple paned windows. Keep the lamp as close a possible and also use a heat lamp as well. The RetiGlo is only UV and turt still needs heat. They do sell a combined heat and UV lamp, but they are very costly.

Anyway feed your turtle quality pellets, which will contain ALL the necessary calciun and vitamin D3. Bring your turtle outside once a week for 30 minutes, that is more UV than any UV light will provide.

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