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Books & Authors: If your characters had trading cards, what would they look like? + BQ?

Kaze is a lycani-Desert Elf, meaning he's of lycan-blood and has the stature of a lycan: tall, anglular cheekbones, straight nose and very, very dark - almost black - eyes, however he grew up in the desert for almost all his life, so is much browner than normal lycans.

Anyway, so he'd be standing on the head of a giant sand snake (a large cobra-like beast with gold-and-orange scales), with a harpoon in between its eyes. Kaze had to defeat a snake to prove he was quicker than it, thus proving in turn that he is the quickest of his people (this is helped by the fact he's of lycan-blood, and lycans are FAST). He'd be wearing a cream-colour cape with tribal patterns on it (the one's fitting his adopted tribe is a block yellow sun rising up from behind green hills, with red triangles bordering the edges of the clothing), with the ends fluttering in the breeze. Kaze's hair, which is dark brown, would be blown back with his small eyes looking straight on at you. The background with be his golden-desert home underneath a cloudless sky, with the sun glinting off the metal of a row of knives at his belt.

-- The idea of him defeating the snake and proving his speed was all part of a competition trialing young men and women, and the winner would be thrown into the wild to deliver back the Four Demons, which will aid the Desert Elves in conquering their attackers --

Either that, or it'd be Kaze in mid-fall to the floor with Arielle - who'd be sleep-RUNNING at the time - going past him, her eyes closed as if nothing had happened. Her red hair in a long plait in the background with my waving about after her as she runs past Kaze, while he drops a shovel and leaves from his hand (at the time, he was about to go to the toilet.. in the wild), about to bang his head against a tree trunk. He'd have taken his cape off, as there was no need for it, and would be wearing his under-garments of a simple grey-cream t-shirt and baggy trousers (which were needed to keep things cool while he wa sin the desert) tucked into slim-layered boots with holes at the bottom where his toes would stick out.

This is a snapshot from the very first night he spends with the other Finders - the people working together who're chasing the Four Demons - and the scene was when he goes out to brick one when Arielle suddenly comes by, sprinting as if something was after her, and forcing Kaze to the ground. Arielle sleep-runs, not walks, which confuses Kaze up until he finds out why at the end of the story.


BQ1: Do you like Yu-Gi-Oh?

To be honest, I tried to get into Yu-Gi-Oh, but I couldn't understand - and also found it very boring - the concept of cards and monsters coming out of them. If I discovered Yu-Gi-Oh when I was younger, like Pokemon, then I probably would've gotten into the anime, but I also probably would've grown out of it too, like I had done with Pokemon.

BQ2: If you couldn’t publish, what other job would you be interested in?

My plans for the future are that, writing will always be a part-time thing while I take up a job as a professor in psychology on historic figures. I really want to spend my life on studying Hitler, particularly - not the events leading up to his downfall or rise to power, or his crimes in WW2 -, I want to study his childhood, his life before WW2, his life before the Nazi-party, his parents, his time in WW1, etc. I just find him so interesting, and I really want to prove in my future career that he is the worst case scenario for any human being, and also what any of us could become and also how he got to be that type of person.

BQ3: What name do you prefer: Damien or Ezra?

Ezra. To me, Damien feels so over-used and could be a cliche name if used in the contexts of: angels, darkness, or vampires. Ezra sounds so much more fantasy-ish and much more interesting to look at, really.

BQ4: Do you collect any kinds of cards?

I used to, contrary to what I said about not being interested in the concept, collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and play them while I was in year seven (sixth grade...?) with a school-mate, and the same went for Pokemon. I also collected these cards and play a game with my sister which both were basically the more Middle-Earth-ish versions of Yu-Gi-Oh -- now that I mention Middle-Earth, I spent my pocket money every week a few years ago on collecting the Lord of the Rings cards :]

I don't collect cards anymore - but I still have them. Really, I'm just interested in other things.

For those born during or after 1985- what makes growing up when we did special?

For those born during or after 1985- what makes growing up when we did special?

We had Nickelodeon not Nick. I remember wanting to go to Nickelodeon studios and wanting to get slimed so bad. And we also had Cartoon Network not CN. Our cartoons were way better.

We didn't have any cellphones until our teens, kids these days walk round with iPhones as early as 7.

VHS tapes were still popular. I remember hearing on the news that they were going to stop making VHS tapes and I cried. xD

Having a computer wasn't common and the internet was slooooooooooow.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Saturday morning cartoons.

I also remember trading cards being popular, if you had like a really powerful pokemon card or whatever everyone on the playground would just be like :0!

Should I move out of the state I grew up in?

Should I move out of the state I grew up in?

There is a lot of wisdom and experiences to be gained by expanding your horizons.

Of course you will miss family and friends.......everything has a trade-off. You will also meet new people, expose yourself to different cultures, foods, perhaps music and entertainments, and have the opportunity to make new friends.

One does not become "worldly" and traveled by remaining in their own backyard. My Dad has lived his entire life within 75 miles of the house he was born in. I have not been "home" in years and have had the good forturne of traveling 47 states plus Canada and Mexico. Sure, I miss my Dad, but I always have something to write home about.

Only you can decide if it (moving) is for you.

PS. The east coast is also terribly expensive in housing and groceries.

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