Swim Day 2023 is on Sunday, January 1, 2023: swimming ?

Sunday, January 1, 2023 is Swim Day 2023. Get Your Feet Wet: YW Community Swim Day Also that day, the YWCA will

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swimming ?

Swimming is the best all around activity you can do.It works all of the major muscle groups and gives a great cardio workout.I used to swim 20 to 50 laps a day and I was always in great shape.

If I swim every day will it damage my teeth?

If I swim every day will it damage my teeth?

all swimming pools and hot tubs are a soup of human excretions, urine, feces, sweat , menstrual fluid , saliva etc which is bad enough , add a few bacteria and you just add to the problem , amazing how many people get flu like symptoms after swimming but don't connect the two, a mouth guard will be the least of your problems , if you swim every day in a public access pool I would recommend prophylactic antibiotics just in case

Should I go swimming ? , last day of period ?!!?

Should I go swimming ? , last day of period ?!!?

well I normally go swimming any time of the period, I usually come on quite heavy too..

but what I do is wear swimming pants with a thick sanitary towel and then put another swimming pants on or swimming shorts,

that's what your should do if you don't want to wear a tampon,

the blood shouldn't leak in to the water it never happened to me or my girlfriends,

also the chlorine would clear it up, take frequent trips to the bathroom to wipe yourself and you should be fine.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!! you shouldn't be afraid to tell a lady teacher that you are not comfortable to do this because you are on your cycle and they will understand, they would never make you do something like that,

hope u resolve this... it can go 1 way or the other, u do it or u don't,

have fun x

Also on this date Sunday, January 1, 2023...