Sisters' Day 2023 is on Thursday, August 3, 2023: Happy National Sister's day! August 2nd?

Thursday, August 3, 2023 is Sisters' Day 2023. Free Sisters Day (8/7) eCard - eMail Free Personalized August ... Sisters Day (8/7) Ecard

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Sisters’ Day

Siblings Day is the chance (for those who have a sister, that's) to exhibit your appreciation for your special family relationship. All brothers and sisters possess the odd argument in some places, but deep-down there’s little way round the natural bond of brothers and sisters.Get this to day a unique celebration for the sister, by nevertheless, you feel is better. Should you not possess a sister, you may still celebrate the relationships of sisterhood by getting a girl’s evening out!Similarly , you may also celebrate Brother or sister Day.

Happy National Sister’s day! August 2nd?

Sister's Day is the 1st Sunday in August. So this year it's August 5th.

doctor appointment and sister’s bday on same day?

doctor appointment and sister's bday on same day?

You have to learn to ignore your StepFather and learn to put "YOU" in charge. You are the one who makes YOUR mind tick. He can only have so much control over your mind. When he says things that bother you..simply let them fly by or over your head. When he upsets you...let it go. Sometimes there are people in our life who are not that happy themselves and they make others miserable because they are not so happy themselves. Be happy yourself. Make yourself happy and ignore his miserable pleas for you to fail. Take his words and let them float away like the clouds. Everything everyone says to you in life is not meant to be. Pray to God that one day he will realize he is putting too much pressure on you and will apologize but until then take control of the situation and ignore him. He is NOT healthy for you so YOU must make the situation healthy. Take control of your own life and your own destiny by ignoring him when he stresses you. Love you, do you, be you. You cannot live your life for your StepFather, live your life for YOU!! Good luck.

Peace, Love & Happiness

Little Sister’s 12th B-day Slumber Party?

Little Sister's 12th B-day Slumber Party?

My 12th birthday was an utter disaster, so I hope this'll help keep your sister's from being so. One thing to make sure you do is get RSVPs. Be as annoying as you must. Keep asking the kids if they know they're coming. Insist to speak with their parents, whatever is necessary. When you invite upwards of 20 kids, and 2 show up while 6 said they were coming, it's not a good feeling. As you said you were watching movies, don't get something R, don't get something PG. PG13 is usually great-- it makes preteens feel like they're kind of getting away with something while it's not scaring the easily-scared to death. One of my favorites is "The Devil Wears Prada", but your sister can decide for herself what movies would make the night perfect. At slumber parties, ordering pizza is the usual. BUT, if pizza is just too usual for you, try getting take-out from a Chinese, Japanese, or Thai restaurant. It'll be something different and make HER party stand out. For decorations, you can either go with a theme or just to typical birthday. Either way, tons and tons and tons of balloons is the best way to go. You can tape them to the walls, tape them to a streamer and hang, or just fill a room with them. Blow 'em up until you're dizzy, take a break, and get at it again! Games can be really fun, but sometimes sitting down and playing a board game is just.... boring. Try Twister-- it helps caffeinated kids burn off some energy. Search for some Top 40 songs, and burn a CD with your sister's favorites. Top 40 songs are the most likely to be loved-- or at least liked-- by all the girls. If you go to, you can get 50 free music downloads with a 14 day trial (note: you must have a credit card, though nothing will be charged). Probably the most important thing is to avoid making a schedule. They'll want to go crazy and do thing spurr of the moment, not be told that they have 7 1/2 mintues left to listen to music and chat and then they're eating cake for 14 minutes and then they're opening presents.... Oh, and when you're setting up sleeping bags, do them in a star shape, with all the girls' heads in the middle. That way, nobody will feel left out during the late-night giggles.

I hope this helped and have a great party!,


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