Simplicity Day 2021 is on Monday, July 12, 2021: o2 simplicity for blackberry 30 day contract question?

Monday, July 12, 2021 is Simplicity Day 2021. Do One Thing - Simplicity Day - July 12 Do One Thing - Simplicity Day

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o2 simplicity for blackberry 30 day contract question?

Yep, you can cancel it any time you want, and they'll keep your phone number and contract (for billing purposes) for the rest of the 30-days before expiring. It's the best way to go in my opinion, especially if you like changing phones all the time!

Modern day assassin ideas?

Modern day assassin ideas?

So I'm reading your question as thus: you're trying to create a costume based on the attire worn by the modern-day assassins in the series, but you're trying to incorporate Ezio's admittedly elaborate outfits from the 15th century, am I correct? That leads me to ask you what time period / theme this project is going to be set in - modern day simplicity or Roman extravagance?

If you recall, the modern assassins in the AC series are pretty much just wearing jeans with a white top (or grey slacks, in Shaun's case). It's very simplistic and strives for anonymity in its use of nearly monochromatic color, letting them blend in with "modern" society without drawing too much attention to themselves. Their outfits almost seem like they're designed to be forgotten, you know? Like the old, grey-haired man in a grey business suit. Nothing stands out.

What aspect of Ezio's attire were you hoping to replicate and incorporate with modern wear? And do you have a picture of what the current costume is that is "lacking something"? It'd help if we could see it so we could throw in our suggestions.

I'll add a few pictures, too, to show you how a few of the assassins progressed over the years. The cowboy one should show you a good middle ground between Ezio- and Shaun-style Assassin Fashion. But really it'll depend on what kind of profession your characters are, and what kind of traits you want their costumes to convey.

{Edit:} Okay, I have a few pictures for you, although I know you probably already know what everyone looks like. I apologize for the picture-spam.

Mysterious Cowboy Guy:

Shaun Hastings, King of the Monochromatic:

Rebecca Crane, Sporting Assassin's White and slight earth-tones:

Lucy Stillman:

or with her trusty jacket (more brown):

And finally Desmond, the one who stubbornly wears red:

You can probably recreate his makeshift Hidden Blade by using a few leather watch bands for the buckles and straps. But otherwise, they've all incorporated assassin-y things into their ''everyday" outfits - subtle, yet there. The boys seem to enjoy the belt-buckle areas, even Desmond (who, again, seems to like red). Maybe this might help, some?

Do you favor simplicity?

Do you favor simplicity?

do I prefer simplicity

what is the other option

there are things in life

that are better when

K.I.S.S. is applied

like a soup

can be ruined with

too much

an attitude

the joy of the experience

a day

can be ruined

on the other hand

the more I simplify

the more complicated

things seem to be

green eggs and ham

that is what it comes

down to

for me at least

so I favor

not fighting

the moment I am in

I just learned


new about me!



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