Shopping Reminder Day 2023 is on Saturday, November 25, 2023: When you go grocery shopping?

Saturday, November 25, 2023 is Shopping Reminder Day 2023. November 26th is Shopping Reminder Day is Shopping Reminder Day

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Shopping Reminder Day

You’ve under per month until Christmas, so it’s time for you to make certain that you’ve bought all your gifts! If you’ve still got presents to purchase, Shopping Reminder Day is really a stark indication that you’re drained of your time!

When you go grocery shopping....?

I shop on the spur of the moment. I hate using a list. A reminder or two seems to work fine for me, but a detailed shopping list just won't work for me. I like to check out new products and stuff. I guess I'm an impulse shopper. I gotta go, I see something shiny over in aisle 9!

How to help a shopping addiction?

How to help a shopping addiction?

Last year, when I needed to curb my shopping habits and save up some money, I wrote myself a contract. It pretty much just said that I wouldn't buy anything what wasn't necessary (including clothing, entertainment, excess food, etc.) for a specified amount of time. I printed off several copies; one I taped on the wall near my work desk, one I gave to my mother and one I gave to my roommate.

It helped, I didn't buy anything in that time period. It wasn't just helpful to have a constant reminder of the promise right in front of me while I was working, but that I had people who were there to hold me responsible and accountable for my promise.

For online shopping, remove any sites you typically go to from your bookmarks (if any are bookmarked) and clear your browsing history. If it's not enough, try blocking those websites (or have a friend block them on your PC so you don't know the password to unblock).

You should also try to find some other activities to replace shopping. Start volunteering, plan fun day-trips with your friends (that don't involve shopping) or other similar activities.

Do you go shopping with your 2 - 3 year old?

Do you go shopping with your 2 - 3 year old?

No one gets in between me and my shopping!!!

I planned my shopping trips accordingly. My child(ren) accompanied me shopping ONLY after a nap, after they were fed and with a clean diaper. I know I would not want to go shopping when I was cranky, hungry and had to pee!! So, why should I drag children through the store in that condition? It is counterproductive. Also, kids should never be in public when they are sick. I don't go shopping when I am sick.

When my son was a toddler, age 2 to 3, I took him shopping. When he began to misbehave, I put my foot down. Before we went out, I told him that if he touched things or disobeyed me, we would come straight home. So, we went out grocery shopping. When he began to misbehave, I gave him one warning/reminder. I even allowed him to pick his own piece of fruit to put in the cart. When he misbehaved, we left the store, grocery cart and food behind. He had a FIT. The next time we went shopping, I reminded him of what happened last time and that if he misbehaved, it would happen again and we would leave the store. He very rarely acted up while shopping again.

Also, at a very early age, I paid him a nickle to put all of his toys in the toy box where we had a see through bank that was fun to watch a coin drop through different channels. He was taught that this was his shopping money. So, when we went out, he could take his money and buy himself fruit, gummy bears, a cookie from the bakery or a slice of cheese from the bakery. Never to be eaten in the store.

I worked in retail at a fabric store. One day a customer came up to me and told me a kid was coloring on fabric. I go to investigate and there is this fiveish year old child running down the aisle with an orange crayon, running up and down the fabric aisles with his arm extended as his crayon marked every bolt of fabric. There was a one inch line on every single bolt of fabric! I asked him where his mommy was and he ran. I caught up with him and there was his mother. I explained what happened and she broke out and said (excuse spelling) "No comprende English" in spanish. I knew full right well she knew what I said as her kid still had the orange crayon in his hand. I told her we had a spanish speaking employee and went to get Ms. Riviera. The lady and her kid vanished from the store.

My point: kids can be destructive and ruin merchandise. Some kids are snot nosed and have sticky candy hands. Merchants do not want those kids ruining their inventory. They lose enough through theft, so of course the employees must be strict about how the merchandise is treated!!

While in the mall, my child was always in a stroller with toys attached on tethers to keep him busy and occupied. I taught my children table manners and if they misbehaved, we took a walk outside as not to disturb other diners. Soon enough we had other diners asking to buy our children a shared dessert because they behaved so well.

I tried my best to raise good kids.

But, I have to tell you, no matter how hard you try to raise your kids to be good, there are no guarantees.

One of my sons just got busted for selling pot. Damn it!!

Also on this date Saturday, November 25, 2023...
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