Scud Day 2021 is on Thursday, July 8, 2021: Amphipods (scuds)'s temperature?

Thursday, July 8, 2021 is Scud Day 2021. Operation Unified Protector (was Odyssey Dawn ... After reading the Day 13

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Scud Day

SCUD Day represents Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama Day, and motivates those people whose lives might have a touch way too much drama to step back, loosen up, and enjoy the funnier side of life. Leisure and wit are good for your physical and mental wellbeing, so transform the dramatization down a degree and enjoy a good laugh instead.

Amphipods (scuds)’s temperature?

There are too many species of amphipod to give you a useful answer. Tropical species will expect tropical temperatures.

Ones you collect near home will expect temperatures that're like what you get near home. If this is what you've done, go out to the place where you collected them, and measure the temperature during a part of the day when the scuds appear to be happily active.

I have gammarus scud, and I don’t know what they are!?

I have gammarus scud, and I don't know what they are!?

If you really want to get rid of them you don't need bleach or any other chemical. Good old fashion water will do the trick. Remove all the live stuff ( fish, plants etc, anything alive you want to keep). Wash everything else ( rocks, gravel and artificial plants) in boiling hot water. The plants only need to be dipped in for about 30 sec. but the rocks and gravel will need to be washed thoroughly (but don't do it in the tank). You will also need to completely change everything in you power filter if you use one or what ever filter media you do use.That is the short way.

The long way ( about 3-4 days) is to remove everything as before and turn your heater up . You want a temp of 100 +. Let it sit for 3 - 4 days and then thoroughly clean the entire tank.

Really these are a very beneficial inhabitant to have. Contrary to what the lady said, they do not eat you fish unless they are already dead. They do however scavenge the gravel for left over food and decaying matter ( plants etc.) and eat it. The fish you have will feed on the smaller ones and if you have baby fish they will seek out any tiny ones to feed on . In short, you not only have an excellent biological cleaning system but also an excellent in "house" food source.

Personally I would keep them because they are a natural part of a real water way and they tell me that my water is clean and healthy. But ultimately the choice is yours. Ray

New day new things to learn?

New day new things to learn?

Here's what happened today in history :)



1956 Bill Haley and The Comets were offered a record-breaking sum for a proposed 1957 British tour.

1962 Gene Chandler reached the No.1 position in the US singles chart with 'Duke of Earl'.

1968 Manfred Mann reached the top of the UK chart with 'The Mighty Quinn'.

1974 The Who appeared in Poitiers.

1986 Kate Bush's single 'Hounds of Love/The Handsome Cabin Boy' was released in the UK.

1990 In the US singles chart, Roxette overtook Abba as Scandinavia's most successful act, as they scored their third top 5 hit.


1968 Jean-Claude Killy from France, one of the world's greatest alpine skiers, won three gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble.

*People & Showbiz*

1993 The Iranian parliament voted 2-1 in favour of keeping the death sentence on Salman Rushdie.

1994 New York surgeon John Morland announced that Elizabeth Taylor was to have a hip replacement operation.

*General Events*

1863 The International Red Cross was formed in Geneva.

1958 During a meeting at Westminster's Central Hall, The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the group calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons in Britain, was formed, led by a committee including Labour MP Micheal Foot, philosopher Bertrand Russell and author J.B Priestley.

1962 James Hanratty was sentenced to death for the murder of 36 year old Michael Gregston in a lay-by at Deadman's Hill near Bedford after a trial lasting 21 days, the longest murder trial in British legal history.

1972 British parliament passed the Bill to join the European Common Market.

1978 Inflation in the UK fell to 9.9 %, the first time in five years that it had been in single figures.

1991 It was reported that in the Gulf crisis, more than 78,000 missions had been flown since the 17th January, including 150 against Scud missile launcher sites.

1991 2 American soldiers were killed and 6 wounded when they were fired on mistakenly by a US Apache helicopter in the Gulf.

2003 The London Congestion Charge scheme begins.

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