School Principals' Day 2022 is on Sunday, May 1, 2022: My School SituationAdvice?

Sunday, May 1, 2022 is School Principals' Day 2022. School Principals' Day School principals can have a

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School Principals’ Day

Together with lawyers and bankers, school principals are in a tiny number of jobs whose holders are frequently hated and just rarely appreciated. Which should change on School Principals’ Day, the foundation being unknown but could most likely be credited to teachers’ unions!Although the job title varies between nations (‘School Principal’ can be used in The United States, while ‘Head Teacher’ is preferred within the United kingdom, for instance) every school needs to possess a boss. Schools are just like smaller businesses, with 100s of clients (students) and a large number of staff (instructors, receptionists, cleansers and so forth) and which makes it all run easily may be the job from the Principal. It’s especially difficult when the children are trouble-makers or even the parents aren’t happy. Principals have different duties, from teacher critiques to coping with serious discipline issues, but at its heart their job is all about supplying the very best atmosphere for children to understand.

My School Situation....Advice?

If I was the father of a kid who came home and told me that her school required her to be online all day, I would be heading straight for the Principal's office. Human teachers are there to teach and are paid to teach. Simply putting students online all day will give America a generation of computer geniuses but who have no life skills whatsoever and very little knowledge of things that people grow up knowing.

Perhaps you should tell your parents and they will find another school for you where actual real genuine teaching still goes on

Boys fighting at school?

Boys fighting at school?

I would accompany him to school. Tell him that if he can't behave himself then you will continue to come to school with him every day to make sure that he is not being mean to anyone. I would also make it known that if you do catch him doing something inappropriate that you will disapline him *how ever you choose..time out- not a spanking of course* in front of the whole class. I don't think that being bossy is a problem but you need to show him that you are the boss and that he will NOT behave like this! Good luck and good job taking responsibility for your sons actions!

Can the school really do this?

Can the school really do this?

There is something missing here that makes me fail to understand why you are being required to go to summer school. Either you neglected to get this last day of your absence documented in some way or a mistake was made on the part of the school. Were you required to have a doctor write a note for the day you went home sick? If so, they probably allowed a short time to receive the excuse and when it failed to be presented, they followed through with the letter. Yes, the nurse documented your fever. You were sick but you probably were required to see the doctor and get a written excuse from him. Yes, they can do this (summer school) if you did not follow with the terms they had given you at the truancy meeting. You're too smart for this. Obviously the marks you have say you are bright enough to know better. I doubt that any doctor would substantiate your illness with an excuse after the fact and I know most schools only give a few days for you to turn in the excuse anyway. I'm afraid you will just have to take your medicine like a big boy and go to summer school.

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