Rose Bowl Game 2023 is on Sunday, January 1, 2023: Is the Rose Bowl a bigger bowl then the National Championship game?

Sunday, January 1, 2023 is Rose Bowl Game 2023.

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Is the Rose Bowl a bigger bowl then the National Championship game?

I will put it like this. I think the Rose Bowl has more Prestige than the National Championship game. I mean it's an American Icon. You can't think of Bowl season with out thinking about the Rose Bowl. The parades, the floats, the game, it's just part of America.

who will play in the rose bowl if OSU makes it to the title game?

who will play in the rose bowl if OSU makes it to the title game?

If OSU plays in the title game, Illinois will in fact play the Rose Bowl. The Big Ten champion is under contract to play the Rose Bowl, unless the champ is in the Title game. It has been stated that Illinois will play if OSU goes to the title game.

College Bowl games????

College Bowl games????

The next two weekends will determine if this season is meaningful or not. If Ohio State wins out then they will lose to whatever one loss team is thrown at them - I honestly believe that Oklahoma, LSU or Oregon would handily beat OSU in the National Title Game. I really hope it doesn't come to that because I'd rather see the controversy of having a one loss team left out of it. I don't believe that Ohio State will win out though. I believe they will lose to Michigan in the Big House this year. I believe that Michigan, despite it's extremely slow start this year will be able to use the emotional edge of having been dominated lately by Ohio State (Lloyd Carr has had a horrid record against OSU), and their home field advantage, along with the general "craziness" of this year (the year of the upset for sure) to win out at the end of the season. Finishing

I believe that LSU will win out, as will Tennessee, and beat Tennessee in Atlanta. LSU will be number one if OSU loses. Tennessee will be ranked below Georgia, who will be ranked either #6 or #7, (both should both win the remaining games on their schedule) after losing to LSU (very badly) in Atlanta. Georgia will be picked over Tennessee to represent the SEC in the Sugar Bowl. (I admit that this is the one biased point I have in my predictions, I am an avid Georgia I might be wrong on this...Tennessee may go anyway to New Orleans).

I believe that Oklahoma will continue its dominating performance and defeat either Kansas or Missouri (not sure who will win the KU vs. Missouri game) in the Big 12 championship. Oklahoma will be ranked number 3 if OSU loses.

Oregon will win out the Pac-10. I don't see anyone left that can match them in that conference after their victories over ASU and USC. They will rank number 2 at the end of the regular season if OSU loses.

West Virginia will win over Louisville tomorrow and then finish mopping up the Big East, bringing to a close the best year that UConn has had in a while. They will be ranked 4 in the final poll before the bowls.

The ACC, oh how low the conference has fallen. But VT, despite their horrid performance at the beginning of the year at LSU, will finish up the season by sweeping the remainder of their games and winning the Costal Division. BC will fall to Clemson and the ACC championship game will be VT vs. Clemson. VT will take the crown and be ranked in the top ten by seasons end.

Hawaii, if they can beat Boise State (and that is a big if) will secure an automatic berth by virtue of a top 12 ranking.

Final Rankings

#1. LSU (12-1) - Who will show up. The team that lost to Ken-tuck or the team that made Sean Glennon look like a schoolgirl?

#2. Oregon (11-1) - Dixon for Heisman?

#3. Oklahoma (12-1) - Damn they're good...too bad about that Colorado game.

#4. West Virginia (11-1) - Is the Big East all that? But they'll be the last one loss team standing.

#5. Ohio State (11-1) - A heartbreaking loss to Michigan will cause this tumble.

#6. Virginia Tech (11-2) - The ACC champ will finish strong.

#7. Georgia (10-2) - A man can dream of victories over Auburn, Ken-tuck, and GT can't he?

#8. Michigan (10-2) - That victory over OSU will save Lloyd's job and send the senior squad back to the Grand-daddy.

#9. Missouri (11-2) - Mizzu losing to OU won't be a big surprise. The North champion won't be punished for what is a preconceived outcome.

#10. USC (10-2) - Victories over Cal and ASU should bring them back into the top ten.

#11. Kansas (11-1) - A heartbreaking loss to Mizzu will cause this tumble.

#12. Hawaii (12-0) - Another BCS buster to keep things interesting.

National Championship Game - #1 LSU vs. #2 Oregon

Rose Bowl - #8 Michigan vs. #10 USC (A note here - Michigan will go as the Big-10 champ. I believe that the Rose Bowl will pick a classic USC vs. Michigan match up, to sell the tickets and keep the Trojan and Michigan nations glued to the TV set). Prediction - USC beats up on Michigan, causing talk of the Trojans being #1 for next year...again...

Sugar Bowl - #7 Georgia vs. #4 West Virginia (A note here - this pairing is biased...I am a Georgia fan. It might be Tennessee vs. WVU...which would be infinitely less amusing since it is not a rematch of the 2006 Sugar Bowl). Prediction - WVU embarrasses Georgia again...*sigh*

Orange Bowl - #6 VT vs. #5 Ohio State - Prediction - VT wins a squeaker

Fiesta Bowl - #3 Oklahoma vs. #12 Hawaii (A note on this. I believe this will happen for sure....even if OSU wins and Oklahoma is ranked #4. The BCS guys won't put a one loss #4 Oklahoma up against another one loss, or even good two loss team from a major conference. Doing so only gives Oklahoma a chance to beat a really good team and have a real reason to deride the whole system. If Oklahoma beats Hawaii then so what? It gives no added oomph to the argument that the BCS is flawed, and if Hawaii wins so much the better - it gets rid of pesky one loss Oklahoma. And no one seriously thinks an undefeated Hawaii deserves a national title.) Prediction - OU wins handily.

Anyway. It's just my looking into the mirky crystal ball of college football. No disrespect to anybody intended. I know that a lot of Kansas, ASU, OSU, Missouri, and Tennessee fans will disagree with me. But I feel the outcome is, while not assured, certainly possible! Either way, I think OSU loosing and making 4 legitamite one loss conference champions all sitting at 1-4 will be a lot better (in the long run) for college football. It will make the BCS look like a mockery! Why shouldn't WVU and Oklahoma get a shot! I feel LSU has a strong argument for being #1 (or #2 if OSU wins out) and it wouldn't cause as much controversy - which is what we need! Plus if the Big 10 is left out of it (which it needs to be...they are rather weak this year) then there is more chance that the Big 10 (and Pac 10) will relent and fold...we need a playoff people!!!!

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