Peanut Day 2022 is on Tuesday, September 13, 2022: A jar of peanut butter a day?

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 is Peanut Day 2022. National Peanut Day: Go nuts! - National Holidays It's National Peanut Day!

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Peanut Day

Are you aware that peanuts have almost zero cholestoral? That’s one of a lot of reasons why peanuts are this type of popular component, snack and nutritionally packed berry!Peanut Day is an opportunity to work some peanuts to your diet, used by any means from tasty lunchbox snacks to like a tangy stir-fry sauce. Be careful for allergic reactions, though!

A jar of peanut butter a day?

YOU WILL GAIN SERIOUS MUSCLE! I have four PB and Js a day. I drink Whey Protein every day, too. As long as you work out, you will gain lots of muscle! You may gain some body fat, but do you realize how much protein is in peanut butter? It is Awesome! You are what they call a hard-gainer. So am I. I have not gained any body fat from eating four PB and Js a day plus meals. It is hard for people like us to gain weight, whether it be muscle or fat. But with Whey Protein and Peanut butter, I have gained lots of muscle, and so will you! I guarantee it is good for you! As long as you claim it is hard for you to gain weight, you will not gain much body fat at all from a jar a day. What you will gain is HUGE muscles, which I have done. I have to consume PB in a sandwich because it gets stuck in my throat by itself. Just complete vigorous workouts and you will be fine. Good luck with a jar a day!

I eat salted peanuts all day!?

I eat salted peanuts all day!?

Peanuts are not fattening if you eat them sparingly. They are also a great meat substitute so if you are not eating any meat munching on them all day will actually help you. However if you stop eating peanuts now after you ate them for the past year your body may go into withdrawal from lack of protein. And you will lose weight but no the weight you want to lose, more than likely you will end up losing muscle mass in-place of the fat you want to be getting rid of.

Is today peanut butter day?

Is today peanut butter day?

Hummm …. If it is not …

I’ll start the vote for today being international peanut butter day.

; -)

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