Organize Your Medical Information Month on October, 2022: West Point information?

October, 2022 is Organize Your Medical Information Month 2022.

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West Point information?

Getting into the United States Military Academy at West Point is no more difficult than getting a full ride at any university. The best people to succeed at West Point are intelligent, fit, driven, organized, disciplined, and have a thick skin to harassment or strong criticism. While people rarely fit in all categories, Entrance to West Point requires an application, three supporting essays from adults in your life, and a nomination. You must be a US citizen at time of enrollment (exceptions for foreign nationals chosen through intergovernmental exchange). You must be between 17 and 21 by 1 July of your year of admittance. You must be unmarried and have no children . You also are not supposed to have a job. Why all these rules? West Point is a hard school, both academically and physically, and you need to be young enough to survive it. Second, you will be so busy as a scholar athlete that you will have no time to work a second job, , .

You need to have a strong academic performance in high school, and do above average on the SAT and ACT. While they take a few B's and maybe one or two C's, academic consistency is critical. I had friends who had great grades their first three years and threw away their senior year to partying. West Point actually retracted their acceptance! Do NOT be that person! Take the SAT and ACT several times. West Point takes the highest score, and the better your score, the higher your chances are of getting in. USMA also evaluates your class rank and the "quality" of your school, so it greatly behooves you to increase your class rank.

You need to show West Point that you are a leader. They love Varsity team captains, Beta Club presidents, Class Presidents, Eagle Scouts, and church/social volunteer leaders. You are best off having a mix of the three. If you letter in a sport but aren't going to be team captain, run for office in a club you are a member of. West Point is in the business of making leaders, and they like to see they have material to work with.

You will need a nomination. You can get a nomination from the President, Vice-President, your Congressman, your Senator, as the child of someone with the Congressional Medal of Honor, or if your JROTC unit gets Honor Unit with Distinction. All but the last two require an interview, have a professional outfit and practice your interviewing skills.

Once you know you are living the life West Point is looking for and are securing a nomination, you are ready to apply. The earliest you can start a file is your junior year. The sooner you start, your chances are better.

application online (, and will need to fill out a Candidate Questionnaire. USMA uses this questionnaire to screen all initial candidates. They will contact you to tell you if you made it past the screening or not.

If you pass the screening, you will get a Cadet Kit and scheduling information for your physical fitness test. The West Point physical aptitude exam is rather odd. You have to throw a basketball for distance from your knees, jump for distance, and several other exercises.Researcg the requirements/exercises and practice a few times before you go to your screening.

You will have to fill out a complete application with all of the commoninformation, including a essays. need to submit three essays from adults in your life, such as teachers, coaches, or your pastor. As you proceed along the application process and West Point sees no issues, they will schedule a medical exam/physical locally.

best bet to get into West Point is to model the life they mention in their brochures: valedictorian, captain of a varsity team, president of the debate club, volunteer of the year. need to secure a nomination, which less than half of all applicants manage to lock in. Pursue your nomination like a bloodhound!

West Point is the place for you and you have what it takes, go to their website your Junior or early in your Senior year and start your Candidate Questionnaire. West Point is an amazing institution, and you will graduate among the ranks of the elite academics. Another bonus: no tuition (besides a waiver-able entry payment) and a guaranteed job upon graduation.

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How to organize bills?

How to organize bills?

You are doing better than good. Here are my suggestions, I am only 59, okay, 59 and-a-half.

Your Bank statements are to be held at least 12 months, unless you made a big appliance purchase which you may need to prove warranty dates later on. Same with car, like batteries, tires, or transmission warranties.

Old checks, throw out, except for same as above, warranties. Utility bills are meaningless, one month old is fine. Same with insurance billing. Really, companies are hardly wrong any more with automatic billings, and it is much, much simpler to pay on line through your banks web site. And your check register is obsolete. You can and should check your online banking every two to three days for the most up to date information.

Cash is not the way to go any more, debit cards have taken over. You really can't go back and remember all your little purchases when you wonder where the money went. May I also suggest, get your self a two drawer mental filing cabinet to keep stuff in. One will last a life time. But you can store Tax returns (keep for 7 to ten years), mementos like kids pictures, and graduation from 1st grade stuff in, and real estate purchase, or automobile purchase. Also, legal documents, social security statements, insurance documents, keep these.

In the files, use Manila file folders (cheap) one for each subject: Insurance: Car and medical; IRS documents; Bank Business; Warranties: Personal Documents (Birth certificates, marriage certificates, pass ports)

Staying organized at work?

Staying organized at work?

If the folders work for you, keep using them.

I'd add one more additional sheet in each folder, titled "Top Info" or similar. On that sheet, make a quick set of notes about what additional things need to be done for that project. Need to CC this to someone? Have to run it by legal first? Needs a second copy put on file, or a file sent to a customer?

As for notes, after a meeting, immediately find a quiet spot and take a few minutes to look them over and highlight important things. If it's an important bit of info that you might forget, write it on the Top Info sheet. You can also use the Top Info sheet to do a little bit of organizing and indicate WHERE things are. For instance, for the June 3 meeting, you'd write this little bit about the notes from it. Instead of digging through the folder, you'd pull out the top sheet and see what date would have the relevant notes. Example is below.

June 3 meeting: TOPCO project

Met with Bill, Susan, and Winkie



*items needed


When there is no printout for a project, just get a white sheet of paper, label it Top Info, and put a few notes on it.

It sounds like you're actually pretty organized and have a solid system set up. But a top sheet to make finding the IMPORTANT stuff easier is always a good idea. And always, always, always take ten minutes after a meeting to go over your notes and highlight the important parts, then transfer the main ideas onto an outline form or similar on the Top Info sheet.

I hope this helps. I'm a teacher, and god knows I've had to develop a lot of organizational tricks when juggling 5 assignments for 6 classes with 15 students each, plus keeping track of who was absent when and what time they are completing their makeup!!!

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