Operation Iraqi Freedom Day 2025 is on Wednesday, March 19, 2025: how many medals have been awarded in operation iraqi freedom?

Wednesday, March 19, 2025 is Operation Iraqi Freedom Day 2025. DefenseLink Special: Iraqi Freedom Day, April 9, 2006 Iraqi Freedom Day Web Special,

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how many medals have been awarded in operation iraqi freedom?

on one hand too many, on the other hand not enough. medals and awards are given too freely to the wrong people and and too hard too the right people. take for instance the purple heart. it is being awarded to MI or finance pukes, who get a flipping paper cut. what about, all the guys who get shot, and their command fights for months to get it for them. what honor is there in that, when paper cuts are being awarded the purple heart. or the combat action badge. it was intended for those who engage the enemy for so many days. the c.a.b. is darn near handed out just as much as the combat patch, that only requires you to be there for so many days. what about the medals that should be awarded to the men and women, doing the humanitarian work over there. or who die or get injured saving fellow soldiers?



1) Cpl J.M. Santoyo

2)USMC 6 yrs

3)Operation Iraqi Freedom

4) Loves time with his family and keeps promising to call Mom more often.

What were the duties of people in the National Guard during Operation Iraqi *cough* Freedom?

What were the duties of people in the National Guard during Operation Iraqi *cough* Freedom?

I'd recommend you stay away from what he did, where he did it, and why. He knows. You haven't the foggiest notion. And, unless he broaches the subject, it's not any of your business.

I know guys who've come back from the Middle East with "baggage." There was this Marine Captain who had a little piece of his calf muscle shot off. His hot button was politics. He was about 6'3" and had a "hand bicycle" that he rode about 20 miles a day. Had you pressed his button he'd likely have sent you to the hospital. He got hot one day with me... and I was agreeing with him.

If he says something you disagree with, shut up. He was there. you weren't. He knows. You don't.

He seems strange? Maybe, from your "holier than thou attitude," he'd rather keep company with somebody else.

You "told him not to go." That's the kind of support our troops can do without. That's probably the kind of "friend" he probably feels he can do without.


The reason some took offense to your post is your

. . . . . . Operation Iraqi *cough* Freedom

If the responses bother you, then you need to ask the question as if you want information rather than as if you're trying to garner support against what your friend has done.

Again, the way to avoid "getting into a debate" or "making him feel bad" is to forget it.

If you want to know, join and serve. Nobody here knows what your friend did. The National Guard over there fight and die just like any other branch. They go out on patrols. They eat and sleep. They pull convoy duty. They go on raids. It depends on where he was and what his specialty was.

In the military there's a concept called "need to know." Unless one has a need to know something, they just leave it alone. In this instance, you really don't have any need to know.

Perhaps your Iraqi friends in Europe can tell you. Perhaps some of your other friends... those who support your ideas... will tell you all the stuff your friend did. Unless they were there, they don't know either... but at least their answers will be more to your liking.

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