Oatmeal Month on January, 2023: Rice cereal or oatmeal to my 3 month baby girl?

January, 2023 is Oatmeal Month 2023. Features - It's National Oatmeal Month It's National Oatmeal Month!

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Oatmeal Month

Actually, there is a month for oatmeal. An entire month! What goes on by eating porridge for breakfast time for any month? Nothing bad, that’s without a doubt. Oatmeal is really a positive thing. A bowl of porridge each morning is a superb breakfast.Every single day for any month, though? Won’t it get boring? Not should you ring the alterations using the toppings!What’s your favourite porridge topping? Jam is definitely a champion. A sprinkling of cinnamon along with a swirl of honey alllow for an attractive combination. More unusual ideas include peanut butter, sunflower seed products, and – be cautious with this particular – a dusting of instant coffee granules.A suggestion: even when you want your porridge really sweet, a pinch of salt is important for offering the flavors from the oatmeal. Take it easy, it will not allow it to be salty, however it will make Oatmeal Month extra tasty.

Rice cereal or oatmeal to my 3 month baby girl?

At 3 months, babies go through growth spurts and eat more. Too many parents mistake this as 'needing solids'. FYI - baby rice cereal is 90% highly processed white carbs which is like feeding baby sugar. Formula or breast milk would be more nutritious and filling than that crap. Also, this cereal can constipate or cause severe stomach upset. Skip this un-needed crap. Next, just feed more formula for another month or two. Cereal should NEVER go in bottle, this force feeding teaches them to take in more calories than they need in a feed. Start fruits and veggies at 5-6 months when baby is truly ready to try food.

and why no to adding cereal right now

Rice or Oatmeal cereal (7 month old)?

Rice or Oatmeal cereal (7 month old)?

You're probably better off starting with fruits or vegetables. There's nothing in baby cereal that your baby needs.

But if you really want to use cereal, oatmeal is less constipating, and has more flavor.

If you must supplement with formula, I'd give regular milk-based formula. At 7 months the odds of an allergic reaction are small (especially if YOU consume dairy and baby has had no issues with the diary in your diet), and if she is allergic to milk, waiting to offer it won't make an allergy less likely. Cows milk, while distant from human milk, is still closer than soybeans.

Oatmeal and diarrhea?

Oatmeal and diarrhea?

I have been giving my 7 1/2 month old daughter oatmeal for the past few weeks and her stool has become progressively more watery and more frequent. I stopped feeding it to her over the weekend and her bowel movements started to decrease to what I consider "normal" for her. I'm going to stop the oatmeal and try something else and see if she fares better. (We already tried rice cereal but she did not like it, unfortunately for her she likes the oatmeal.)

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