Navy Birthday 2021 is on Wednesday, October 13, 2021: When is Navy Ball?

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 is Navy Birthday 2021. 177. Navy Birthday Navy Birthday

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When is Navy Ball?

They Navy Ball is in October, about the date of the Navy birthday.

Check with those commands to find out when and where to Navy Ball is held in New Orleans.

14th birthday party activity and decoration ideas?

14th birthday party activity and decoration ideas?

I like the navy blue! For an activity, you girls can make a souvenir project to take home like this:

Get a collection of glass bowls (Dollar Tree has them for $1, or check thrift stores odd glassware or garage sales..look for something like this>>)

Then buy a can of spray paint in a frosted gold--and one in navy, too, if you wish. Get 2 plastic tubs like the kind you wash dishes in. Fill tubs with water. Put everything on newspaper please and have lots of thick newspaper for drying the bowls after. This is what you do:

1. Spray a thick layer of paint on top of the water of 1 tub.

2. Take a bowl and holding it sideways (one hand on rim, the other on the bottom of bowl)...turn it swirling in the gold paint making a random pattern across the whole bowl as it turns (careful not to get any on the inside of the bowl...just go up 2/3 of the way).

3. Set bowl upright on newspaper to dry. When done: put a candle in it...makes for a very pretty candle glow effect. Use for your party, and everyone takes 1 home.

4.. Can do some in navy blue--or try half gold, half navy and see how it turns out. Remember..pattern in random. Keep spraying more paint in water when you need it to give a good coating for the next person. (Just have to eyeball it). Might want to wear some rubber gloves for this!


Hang sheer navy gossamer fabric on doorways and wherever it gives a good effect--look in the clearance section of fabrics..get cheap, find one with sparkles. Doing gold and navy balloons? Have really long streamers floating amongst all of you at the party (if possible).


Play a game where guests have to hand you a secret Hope, Wish, or Dream on a piece of paper...(get gold writing pens...pretty paper from craft store in scrapbook section)...they all go into a container...find something pretty and decorate it. They can't tell anyone what it is. You mix them up, and read them aloud and everyone has to guess and write down the name of who said it>>whoever guessed the most right, wins. OR..they can each take turns reading, but they might recognize the handwriting? you decide.


Play a game where they have to think of as many words than contain the word STAR in them>>>here's a site with a long list>>>, they're not going to know many of them, but see how many they can come up with!

Can also do a Trivia game with songs or movies with the word Star ("Star Wars"..."when you wish upon a star" from Pinocchio, etc)


Here's a site with some Mocktails from Seventeen: ... garnish with a slice of "star fruit"? Just cut a bit and sit on rim of glass----dip rims in lemon juice first and then in sugar before pouring liquid and garnishing.

Make star cookies, or sandwiches using a cookie-cutter for the bread...or star brownies with sparkly sugar on the frosting.

origin of the U.S. Navy?

origin of the U.S. Navy?

Navy Birthday Information - 13 October 1775

The Birth of the Navy of the United States

Also on this date Wednesday, October 13, 2021...