National Stamp Collecting Month on October, 2023: Can i claim my kids on food stamps if they live half the time with me?

October, 2023 is National Stamp Collecting Month 2023.

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Can i claim my kids on food stamps if they live half the time with me?

Sans Diety is spot on.

People of this country are entitled to have as many children as they would like, provided they have the financial ability to support them. But when you have to rely on the largesse of society to care for your children, that creates a big problem.

Perhaps if you and your ex would get a JOB, instead of scamming the government out of MY heard earned money, we would all be a lot better off.

And also, I think you have enough children.

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***NEW: I'm a little confused by your answer. If according to you, you CAN provide satisfactorily for your family, and ARE able to give to charity and do all of these things, then why do you need help?

There are a lot of people in this country who legitimately need government assistance, and if you are not one of them, then there is no reason to seek it.

This has nothing to do with being a "hater" or being "rich", (which I am not) but our country has way too much of this going on. Firstly, it is a fact that social programs are funded entirely by the taxpayers, but also, there are a lot of handouts going to people who don't need it.

Government assistance should go to the elderly, the injured or the ill (seriously injured or ill), students who are educating themselves to become productive members of society, and veterans of any public service position, (police, firefighters, EMT workers, and the military).

It is simple logic. As unemployment increases, collected income tax decreases, the amount of government spending increases (funded by taxes), and the national debt increases. The liberal media likes to paint a picture of republicans being evil people who dislike any of the following people . . . gay, old, poor, uneducated, immigrants, and the list goes on. And this is certainly not the case. In this country, everybody has opportunity to seek employment one way or another. But the government allows an increasing amount of people to just not work for no reason. Why is this? Does the government really care about the well being of these people? Do they really give a rats behind about the illegal immigrants? NO. They are interested in gaining more votes from the people to whom they issue welfare, and obamaphones, and all this other stuff, which means more POWER.

But no, lets give out more free stuff that should help.

P.S. - working full time, and being able to support your children, is not cause for celebration, thats what everybody who choses to have children, is required to do. Generally, when employed people need more money, they seek a greater amount of compensation, or another job. (I have 2)

Can my wife get a 6 month visitor visa to the UK having visted last year also?

Can my wife get a 6 month visitor visa to the UK having visted last year also?

A Visitor visa is issued to someone who can show

- they have a genuine visit intent to the UK

- will return home, and can show that they will and are likely to.

- can support themselves (from their finances) while in the UK

- will not overstay or attempt to overstay

The good history stands her in good stead

That she has a UK citizen / resident in the UK does not, and a spouse visa would be expected however, current income rules do make that a problem, so no doubt UKBA are having to be more reasonable.

If her finance is the issue,

then you need to sponsor her as a general visitor.

(but I am guessing there is no difference to last time, so whatever worked then...should work now?)

As finance seems to be the issue for a UK spouse visa

Seriously look to getting 4-6 months work/residence in an EEA country, to make yourself an EU citizen ( a legal status) by excercising your rights to free movement. The work does not have to be well paid.. just enough to be there.

EEA route to family unity

EEA visas are Free

and are available as a right (UK spouse visa is an option and costs money)

UKBA sponsoring a General visitor

Looking for work in EEA

Rights when in EEA


? Q1: Can my wife get a 6 month visitor visa having visited also last year

6 months in a 12 month period is the average.

It does not have to be exact 6 in / 6 out - though would be expected.

So April last year and commig March would be fine.

Actual entry period allowed is determined by the immigration officer when she arrives

The visa is merely a pre-assessment/pre-clearance and maximum.

I would suggest that if will need this type of visa regularly,

that you ask for a 10 year visit visa.

You still only have 6 months in any 12 month period in country,

but you do not need to keep re-applying.

> Q2: What is the length of a month in immigration terms (days)?

A month (whatever it happens to be)

Arrive 20th Feb, add 6 months leave on the 19th.

It is not a fixed 180 days.

> Q3: Can my wife get the 6 month, short-stay, family visitor visa at the border point of entry

No, If she needs a visa,

because without a visa, no airline will let her board the plane.

If she can enter the UK visa free (one of the Visa on arrival trusted nationals), then she would expect to be stamped in for 6 months (no matter what her return ticket said - eg 2 weeks)

> Q4: Your documents are only needed if your sponsoring her.

Duplicates are not accepted, they have to be originals.

though (bank?) certified copies might be accepted.

DHL between/in any country is a safe way to send things

( see parcels2go etc and other agents)

If UKBA / embassy cannot help

maybe discuss with an OISC regulated immigration advisor.

Non-EU nationals, Immigration control between UK & Republic of Ireland?

Non-EU nationals, Immigration control between UK & Republic of Ireland?

The same thing happens in the borderless areas of Europe. Essentially each country relies on the other to keep out undesirables. In theory the UK now additionally monitors arrivals and departures at all borders except for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, take a look here

In practice they have plenty of effective ways of monitoring you. They have access to the passenger manifest of all the flights and ferries and this is downloaded and stored in an easily searchable way. These travel logs are shared throught the EU.

If you are a visa overstay, the airline will have a record of you missing your return flight which the Borders Agency can discover with a mouseclick.

If you are British but claiming non residency, the Inland Revenue can ask you to prove you were not here more than 90 days by showing the flights you took in and out of the country.

Also on this date Sunday, October 1, 2023...