National Salad Month on May, 2024: help about national cabbage day?

May, 2024 is National Salad Month 2024. National Salad Month National Salad Month

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help about national cabbage day?

Cabbage has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years and domesticated for over 2,500 years. Although cabbage is often connected to the Irish, the Celts brought cabbage to Europe from Asia around 600 B.C.E. Since cabbage grows well in cool climates, yields large harvests, and stores well during winter, it soon became a major crop in Europe. Early cabbage was not the full-bodied head we take for granted today, but rather a more loose-leaf variety. The head variety was developed during the Middle Ages by northern European farmers. It was French navigator Jacques Cartier who brought cabbage to the Americas in 1536.

Cabbage cousins include Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, and cauliflower. The world’s largest cabbage is credited to William Collingwood of County Durham, England, whose prized cabbage in 1865 weighed in at 123 pounds.

Five Fun Facts:

1. Because cabbage requires only three months of growing time, one acre of cabbage will yield more edible vegetables than any other plant. This makes Cabbage a money saving food!

2. Cabbage is considered Russia’s national food. Russians eat about seven times as much cabbage as the average North American.

3. Babe Ruth used to wear a cabbage leaf under his hat during games. He would switch out for a fresh leaf halfway through each game.

4. Uncooked Cabbage is high in glutamine, an amino acid that is essential for intestinal health.

Red cabbage is a good source of flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant that can help protect your body against serious illnesses like cancer.

Five Cabbage Recipes:

Israeli Cabbage Salad - Shredded, bagged cabbage makes preparation of this delicious salad effortless.

Hot & Sour Slaw - You’ll soon be sweet for this Hot & Sour Slaw!

Un-stuffed Cabbage Soup- A classic, Cabbage Soup recipe that will even have teenagers asking for more.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup- When winter nights get cold and bleak, warm yourself over a steaming bowl of this rich and vibrant soup.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage Rolls - Hearty sweet and sour cabbage rolls are perfect for feeding a crowd. Serve them as an appetizer, side dish or as a main course.

lose 25 pounds in a month? whats the best way and best form of exercise?

lose 25 pounds in a month? whats the best way and best form of exercise?

Can't lose that much weight and do it smart or witout healt risks. To do it smart should take about 2 months

Is possible hiv antibody test negetive after 7 month due to strong immunity?

Is possible hiv antibody test negetive after 7 month due to strong immunity?

Either your initial test was wrong and you never had it or some thing in your diet now is lowering the viral load count so low that docs can not even detect it now which is great. Example you may be having apple cider on salads etc or some thing else in your diet that is shielding you like a super man against h.i.v. Positive Health News

Report No 20 Spring Issue (2000)

Cider Vinegar joins the war against HIV and other lipid-envelope viruses

A local PWA credits vinegar (mono therapy) with reducing his viral load to non-detectable levels

Cider Vinegar - hopes ride high for a low-cost treatment breakthrough for HIV/AIDS.

April 10, 2000

Mark Konlee

We may be on the verge of an effective treatment for HIV/AIDS that will cost about $5.00 a month. This could be very good news for 95% of the world’s population that cannot afford the use of pharmaceutical drugs for treating HIV infection. It is estimated that 40 million people worldwide are now infected with the HIV virus. Promising low-cost treatments for AIDS have been languishing for lack of attention and funding for several years. The big question is who will fund controlled studies of vinegar and other promising treatments for HIV [like bee propolis and phytic acid (IP6)] when there is little or no profit to be made from marketing these items? Only the National Institute of Health is in a position to fund and conduct such studies using taxpayer’s money. It is time for the NIH and major AIDS research organizations across the nation to stop being “politically correct” and to be more imaginative and daring in the search for practical low-cost answers to this epidemic.

Also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2024...
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