National Reading Group Month on October, 2023: If you could declare a national holiday celebrating something, what would it be?

October, 2023 is National Reading Group Month 2023. National Reading Group Month -- Get Involved National Reading Group Month

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If you could declare a national holiday celebrating something, what would it be?

This website has some unkown holidays listed:

Such as National Craft Month or National Talk to Your Teen About Sex Month (March)

Did you know that March 1st is National Beer Day as well as Be Positive----Do Something Day? And March 3rd is Fun Facts About Names Day, I Want You To Be Happy Day as well as National Anthem Day. I checked out March because my birthday is March 13th which is also Good Samaritian Involvement Day, National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day & World Kidney Day.

If it is not already listed I would like a National Quiet Time Day. A day of just peace and quiet. No news stations reporting horrors, no tv at all. Or maybe National Just Pick Up a Book and Read Day.

Great question!!

Addition: Did you know that each month has a day called Bona Bottler's Day! It is celebrated on the day that coordinates with the month.

Ex: 1-1 (Jan. 1)

2-2 (Feb. 1), etc.

Very interesting and most definately a great way to celebrate each month. You could have a party for Bona Day any month of the year!

what are the benefits of reading books!!?

what are the benefits of reading books!!?

According to a recent study by the National Endowment for the Arts,

the amount of reading done for pleasure is down in this country,

especially reading of literature such as fiction, poetry and drama. It

is happening across all age groups, all genders and races, regardless

of income, education, or region. Perhaps most disturbing, the steepest

decline has come among young adults, ages 18 to 24, over the past two


"Reading is the best thing we can do, for ourselves and each other.

Not only does it enrich our lives, but it can enrich the world around

us. As the NEA survey also indicates, people who read for pleasure are

many more times more likely than those who don't to visit museums and

attend concerts, and almost three times as likely to perform volunteer

and charity work. Readers are active participants in the world around

them, and that is the best kind of person to be."

"Is your life so busy you're wondering how you are going to find time

to read more, especially when it's just for 'pleasure'? Having trouble

justifying it, even to yourself? Leisure activities like reading are

often the things that slide when life goes into overdrive. And that's

sad because it's an activity that can make life richer and more


A lot has been written about the benefits of reading for and to

children. However, there is very little about the benefits to adults

in engaging in regular reading. Let me assure you that the benefits

for adults do exist and are many and varied.

Some of these include:

1. Providing an escape from the day-to-day Fiction is a great way to

take a quick immediate break, to be instantly transported into another

world. Today you could be in America, in the deep south with Alice

Walker's 'The Colour Purple', tomorrow in the Australian bush with Tim

Winton's 'Dirt Music', next week in downtown London with Helen

Fielding's 'Bridget Jones Diary' and next month in Ireland with Jim

O'Neill's 'At Swim, Two Boys'. There is no limit to the places fiction

can take you.

2. Relaxation There is something about stopping to focus on words

arranged for our reading pleasure that is instantly relaxing. Maybe

it's staying still, something that doesn't seem to happen often

enough. Maybe it's knowing that we are stepping into a secret world

that we have to relax enough to enter. Then there is the words

themselves. The beauty and rhythm of language has the ability to calm

and relax us.

3. Stress relief Taking your mind off your own problems, even for a

few minutes, can have a therapeutic effect and be a timely circuit

breaker. This is so effective that the National Health System in the

United Kingdom has introduced a 'Reading and You Scheme'. The scheme

encourages mental health patients to read more as part of their

therapy for reducing stress and overcoming anxiety, depression and

social isolation.

4. Stimulates the right side of your brain Reading opens your mind to

new possibilities. It stretches your imagination in new and wonderful

directions and takes your mind on a wonderful journey through others'


5. Entertaining Fiction is capable of provoking many and varied

emotional responses – it can make you laugh out loud, it can make

tears spill onto the page, it can be edge-of-the seat terrifying, it

can make you blush with embarrassment, it can challenge your core

beliefs. There is a world of emotion in every story and you as the

reader get to be part of it.

6. Enjoyable Reading is a deeply satisfying pursuit. The expression

'curling up with a book' evokes a warm and cosy image and feels

luxurious if you don't get to do it often.

7. Rejuvenating Reading is an easy and quick way to nourish your soul

because it is for the most part a solitary pursuit. And being alone,

or at least alone in your thoughts, on a regular basis is crucial to

maintaining a sense of self. As I'm sure you know, it's easier to give

to others when you feel fulfilled and your needs are met. Even just a

few minutes of reading can keep you going throughout the day. Of

course, you know you've read something special when you find your

thoughts continually re-visiting it.

Reading is like exercising – mental and physical benefits flow from a

regular routine.

National Guard vs. Army Reserve?

National Guard vs. Army Reserve?

I went to 3 army reserve recruiters and they all said they had no spots for any army reserve slots and they had few active spots. The army is over strength(too many people) The reserve recruiters said I could be placed on a waiting list for any openings that get announced.

Depending on your state the national guard has tons more benefits than the army reserve and even without the state help you will be better off in the guard. The guard has openings. I just enlisted a few months back and I attend RSP drill till I ship to osut. It's a lot of fun and worth while.

BTW the guard gets the exact same gi bill that the reserves get. The state money is a bonus.

Get your school paid for while you go & get a guard paycheck!!! You don't want student loans they suck and the army will only repay a small part if you enlist or commission after school is done.

Also on this date Sunday, October 1, 2023...
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