National Protect Your Hearing Month on October, 2022: Slogans from national condom week - ADULTS ONLY -?

October, 2022 is National Protect Your Hearing Month 2022. protect.jpg This October, National Protect Your Hearing Month, Anne Pratt Giroux

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Slogans from national condom week - ADULTS ONLY -?

OMG this is hilarious!

i also heard these:

aim to please: bag the cheese.

it' all good if your boy's in the hood.

wrap it and trap it, else in 9 months they will slap it!

National Security in the USA.. does it exist?Look at Virgina tech and Boston..?

National Security in the USA.. does it exist?Look at Virgina tech and Boston..?

Welcome to life.

A national security plan? You mean the direction for action would come from Washington DC anytime, anywhere something went wrong?

If that is what you mean that is a bad idea.

Thanks for clarifying.

Yes every municipality should have a plan to deal with these situations and most do. Just recently I recall of hearing some towns making waves with school shooting drills (it was the pretend group doing the shooting that cause the waves).

However, no plan is perfect and chaos and things going wrong usually go hand in hand because that is essentially the meaning of chaos.

Dude went in with a thought out and studied plan of action.

In the end you are engaging in hindsight.

how can i loose my baby fat after 11 months and still breastfeeding?

how can i loose my baby fat after 11 months and still breastfeeding?

With my son it took me 15 months to get to my pre-pregnancy weight and I breastfed him for 20 months, which is NORMAL. The world health organization recommends 2 years, fyi and the lack of breastfeeding in America is as concerning as our obesity rates, girlsportsfan is an ignorant t*at.

I was 127 before pregnancy and after birth I was 145, it took me a full 15 months to loose it. Don't worry about loosing weight while breastfeeding, just be healthy.

Whats your definition of normal Girlsportsfan? Actually the AVERAGE WORLDWIDE age for weaning is 4.5 years. Do your research. Its sad that so many are so uneducated on the subject, get out of your little box. I'm going to listen the the WHO over a pediatrician who gets paid to endorse a certain brand of formula. I don't even own a single bottle because I have no reason to. I also don't believe in using pacifiers. I'd rather soothe my kids naturally than plug them up with a piece of rubber. You just proved your ignorance by making assumptions about my parenting. Also, no one thinks its cute to call someone sweetheart when you're really just being a b*tch.

Wow.. your edit is the biggest bunch of horsesh*t I've ever heard. No one was disputing how long someone should EXCLUSIVELY breastfeed. Obviously solids should be introduced before 20 months.. this wasn't even the matter at hand BUT since you laid it out there...

1.Health experts and breastfeeding experts agree that it's best to wait until your baby is around six months old before offering solid foods. There has been a large amount of research on this in the recent past, and most health organizations have updated their recommendations to agree with current research. Unfortunately, many health care providers are not up to date in what they're telling parents, and many, many books are not up to date.

The following organizations recommend that all babies be exclusively breastfed (no cereal, juice or any other foods) for the first 6 months of life (not the first 4-6 months):

•World Health Organization


•US Department of Health & Human Services

•American Academy of Pediatrics

•American Academy of Family Physicians

•American Dietetic Association

•Australian National Health and Medical Research Council

•Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

•Health Canada

Delaying solids helps to protect baby from iron-deficiency anemia.

The introduction of iron supplements and iron-fortified foods, particularly during the first six months, reduces the efficiency of baby's iron absorption. Healthy, full-term infants who are breastfed exclusively for periods of 6-9 months have been shown to maintain normal hemoglobin values and normal iron stores. In one study (Pisacane, 1995), the researchers concluded that babies who were exclusively breastfed for 7 months (and were not give iron supplements or iron-fortified cereals) had significantly higher hemoglobin levels at one year than breastfed babies who received solid foods earlier than seven months. The researchers found no cases of anemia within the first year in babies breastfed exclusively for seven months and concluded that breastfeeding exclusively for seven months reduces the risk of anemia.

Delaying solids helps to protect baby from future obesity.

The early introduction of solids is associated with increased body fat and weight in childhood. (for example, see Wilson 1998, von Kries 1999, Kalies 2005)

Also on this date Saturday, October 1, 2022...