National Polka Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 23, 2021: What is France's national dresscostume for FEMALES(adding males' would help too)?


Sunday, May 23, 2021 is National Polka Day 2021. Ennis' National Polka Festival Ain't Nothing To Polk (Ha!) Fun At ... Ennis' National Polka Festival

What is France’s national dress/costume for FEMALES(adding males’ would help too)?

France is a land of Faeries , so men AND women wear women`s clothes !!

The "men" are especially fond of high heels , nice silk panties , and pretty polka dot dresses !!

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On this day in 1970, Janis Joplin died a tragic death..?

On this day in 1970, Janis Joplin died a tragic death..?


1- Cry Baby

2- Ball and Chain

3 - Piece of My Heart

4 - Summertime

5 - A Woman Left Lonely

6 - Maybe

7 - Move Over

8 - Little Girl Blue


I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama


Cheap Thrills

Big Brother and The Holding Company

Live at Winterland

MQ3 - Kozmic Blues band

BQ - She ranks second behind Etta James for me. I love the Blues

BQ2 - WTF - LOL that's exactly what I would say if that happened.

BQ3 - OK I'm lost on this one. LOL

BQ4 - Yes I do but it doesn't really matter if a Democrat or Republican wins - we are still screwed either way.

BQ5 - I want some of what you are smoking. LOL

Cost of booking a band for a gig? (small-mid size)?

Cost of booking a band for a gig? (small-mid size)?

I have been in the music buiness for like 50 years. It depends on what you want.

Unless you are a national act, rule one is Never Quit your day job! You don't want to find yourelf with no gas money to get to a gig. At one time just before I got drafted I was playing out 6 night a week with 3 different bands (was gald for the rest I got in basic training) but I worked evey day anyway. (and still do!)

Here is the averages by Genre in the Cleveland Area, though..

All orginal death metal...You gonna' need a day job to pay the owners, if they let you in at all.


"Classic Rock" When you can get a gig because there are like 40 bands for every job, between $50 and $100 per head. Some times a little more but thats about average.

Top 40 if you have the lights and smoke machines $75 to$150 or a little more per band member. As the number of band members in the band goes up the per member rate goes down. I know a really great band that has 3 girl singers, 2-Gits, Keys, Sax and a horn, bass and a drummer and they go home with as little as $35 each. . I play

with a very average power trio and we do not take less a hun and sometimes twice that each for any job. (Go figure)

Oldies/ Surf. Not many jobs but not many bands either.. $100 and up per person. (I've gotten up to $250 a night but don't get used to it because it dosn't happen very often.

Jazz Standards and Weding Bands. Now you gettin in da money, baby. $150 and up depending if you can stand playing the chicken dance. I'm in a 5 piece Jazz combo and we go out at $1000 for a 4 hour show, Wedding bands are over twice that and up. Wedding bands do OK but work for the jazz band is hard to come by around here.

Fusion. Between the Jazz band and the top 40 . II'm in one of those too and we play out 4 to 6 nights a month. I'm Grossing between 8 hun and a thousand a month on the average with them.

Polka bands. The sky is the limit here. Never less then $200 each and there are more jobs then good bands around here. My old pal Eddie Rodic hasn't spent a new years eve at home since he got out of the Army and he si booked over 2 years out. His 5 piece has to go out for over 2 large, and that is if you know him. They make the real money! (Wish I stuck with the Accordion!)

So there is is. From the pay to play all the way up to a grand each and more a night.

Now if we can just get a law passed against using a DJ!

Also on this date May 23, 2021...