National Night Out 2024 is on Monday, August 5, 2024: national bingo night?

Monday, August 5, 2024 is National Night Out 2024.

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national bingo night???

It is a tv show brought to us by ABC network.

It is a really great idea and I think it will take off!

A contestant plays his own game of bingo while competing against the spectators in the audience. If an audience member gets bingo first, the contestant looses. If the contestant completes his goal first, he/she wins!

The great thing about this new tv show is that you can print off your own game cards on and play along.

Regardless of wether the contestant or an audience member wins, if you score a 5 way.. diaganol, horizontal or vertical, you win:)

Check out.. for the winning numbers drawn evey Friday night.

I hope this helps you,


is national bingo night illegal?

is national bingo night illegal?

National Bingo Night is a Game Show, just like the Price is Right. Back in the day when the Price is Right, starring Bill Cullen was aired, viewers could bid on a showcase just for viewers. No case here.

Reaction to Washington Nationals game last night?!?

Reaction to Washington Nationals game last night?!?

It's because that bald idiot rizzo shut down strasburg. The Nats offense but up numbers far better than expected. Laroche, desmond, suzuki all had one of a kind seasons. To have a team as sound as the Nats did again is so unlikely. Nats had such a good 1,2,3 punch with Strasburg, Gio and Zimmerman along with Detwiler and Jackson who could be middle-top rotation guys in some places. Take one of those guys out and you not only shut down your best pitcher, but you screw up the other guys. All of the expectations immediately shift to Gio and then to Zimmerman to fill Gio's role. You just can't do that. Rizzo is such a moron and the Nationals will have a way way WAY harder time getting back again next year because the Braves will bring up some young arms and the Phillies rbi producers will be 100%. Also the Nats will be owing a boat load of money to werth and won't be able to sign some key young guys down the line. Watch this idiot go out and sign laroche to some monster deal. In 3 years, Gio and Harper will be changing stripes but you'll be paying 50 million a year to a couple of 37 year old's who are producing half of what they are now.

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