National Museum Day 2022 is on Sunday, May 22, 2022: Any suggestions of things to do in NYC on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Sunday, May 22, 2022 is National Museum Day 2022. National Museum Day National Museum Day

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Any suggestions of things to do in NYC on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

My friend, Christmas Eve is not a national holiday, however, this the day when almost everyone leaves town to go see relatives at the last minute.

Christmas Day, on the other hand, is a public holiday and almost everything will be closed. All major stores will be closed on the this day as as well as the Statue of Liberty and other attractions.

With that said, where are some things you can see and do in New York City.


-Empire State Building

-Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island

-Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock Observation Deck

-Times Square (no trip is complete without a visit to the"Crossroads of the World")

-Lower Manhattan/Wall Street Area

-United Nations

-Central Park

-Brooklyn Bridge (you can walk across it too)

-Grand Central Terminal (largest railroad terminal in the world)

-A Ride on the Staten Island Ferry (its free and you can see the Statue of Liberty as the ferry crosses the harbor)

-Sightseeing tour on a Double Decker Bus


-Museum Mile (Fifth Avenue from East 82nd to East 103rd Streets)

-Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth and Space (formerly the Hayden Planetarium)


-Whitney Museum of American Art

-New Museum of Contemporary Art

-Madame Tussuad Wax Museum

-New York City Fire Museum

-New York City Police Museum

-Transit Museum

-The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

-Milk Gallery

-American Craft Museum

-Museum of American Folk Art

-Museum of the Moving Image

-The Paley Center For Media (formerly the Museum of Television and Radio)

-The Municipal Art Society

-The 9/11 Memorial Site Preview Center

-Tribute WTC Visitor Center

Other Attractions

-Broadway Show

-Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall


-Macy's (West 34th Street and Broadway in the heart of Hearld Square)

-Bloomingdale's (Lexington Avenue at East 59 and East 60 Streets)

-The shops along Fifth Avenue (just don't max out you credit cards)

-FAO Schwartz

-Toys "R" Us in Times Square

-Disney Store in Times Square

-Lord and Taylor (5th Avenue at East 38th Street)

-Chinatown/Canal Street Area (if you want to go on the cheap for the stuff you can't get on Fifth Avenue)

-NBA Store (for the basketball fan - 5th Avenue at East 52nd Street)

-The Apple Computer Store (East 59th Street and Fifth Avenue)

-The Time Warner Center (West 59th Street - Columbus Circle)

-Hershey Store (for those with a sweet tooth)

-M&M World (49th Street and 7th Avenue)

-Grand Central Terminal (for the shopping)


-Century 21 Department Store (Church and Cortlandt Street)

-forever 21

-Barneys New York (660 Madison Ave)

-Abercrombie & Fitch (5th Avenue @ 57th Street and Water Street between Fulton and John Streets)

-American Eagle Outfitters (4 locations in Manhattan)

-Urban Outfitter (8 locations in Manhattan)

-Adidas Originals Store

-Alikat NYC


-Gap (several locations in Manhattan and around the city)

-Diesel (4 locations in Manhattan)


-Niketown (East 57th Street between 5th and Madison Avenues)

-Old Navy (several locations in New York City)

-Olive & Betteā€™s (3 locations in Manhattan)

-Paragon Sporting Goods (18th Street and Broadway)

-The Puma Store (521 Broadway near Spring Street)

-Quicksilver (3 locations in Manhattan)

-Kenneth Cole (6 locations in Manhattan)

-Tommy Hilfiger (3 locations in Manhattan)

-Wet Seal (West 14th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues)

-Zara (7 location in Manhattan)

-Manhattan Mall

-Queens Center Mall

-Queens Place Mall

-Roosevelt Field Mall (on Long Island)

-Fulton Street Mall

-Kings Plaza Mall

-Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

-Garden State Plaza

-The Westchester Mall

-Palisades Center Mall

-Westfield Sunrise Mall

-Green Acres Mall

-Jersey Gardens

-Newport Center Mall


In regards to places to eat in New York City. There are thousands of restaurants in the Five Boroughs of New York City. Depending on your taste, your budget and your preferred location, may I recommend the link below.

-- is the one of the best website on the Internet. It included menus with prices, as well as restaurant reviews. Bon appetit!

I hope this information is very helpful. If you have any questions or need travel directions while in town, just drop me a line by clicking on the avatar and e-mail icon in the profile. I'll be glad to help.

Good luck

Native New Yorker

earth day project................?

earth day project................?

Go to a Mac Donalds and get yourself a happy meal. The paper is recycled, the plates are out of recycled plastic, and maybe the ehmm, no idea for the third.

No, not rly.

Either, you make some modern art out of it, many artist have been known to use recycled materials to create art, for example the art project :The invisible enemy should not exist by Michael Rakowitz which tries to recreate all item stolen from the Iraqui National Museum during the US Invasion with iraqui packaging materials.

this would be more specific about this project.

If you want, you can include it as an example of recycled stuff in your project, just so your teacher knows you found and unlikely art poject using recycled materials.

But now to your question what you can make.

I would say that plastic bottles and plastic bags make excellent materials for creating something out of it, for example you could make a showerhead out of a pop bottle and and the connection piece of a real showerhead, or just what your garden hose uses to connect itself to a water source. You could use really strong glue to get them together, praobly with hot melt glue and use pieces of plastic bags to completly close the bottle off, and later drill holes into it.

If you dont fear soldering a bit, you might be able to get an old flashlight preferably something with LEDs, a plastic bottle, some plastic bags or newspapers, some metal wire (you can use any wire, the stuff you hang your clothes on should do fine), a battery storage thingy holding as many batteries as your flashlight does, preferably AAA, and thin electrical wire (about a meter should more than suffice).

Cut a large strip into the side of the plastic bottle, about the half of the bottle deep, or 2/3rds of it, and a third of the bottle high, preferablt the middle of the bottle. Now you should have a hole inside of your bottle, so now put glue on the outside of the bottle and start putting on little pieces of newspaper and plastic bags on it, afterwards painting glue over the pieces.

Now you finished to cover up the bottle, screw of the cap and remove the bulb or the LEDs from the old flashlights (remember, the holding thingy for the buld has to be smaller than the cap of the bottle).

If it's a lightbulb, drill two small holes into the top of the cap allowing your electrical wires to pass thorugh. Pass the wire through them and solter the wires to the contacts of a holding thingy for your lightbulb. Whilst soldering, open a window if you solder and allow a continous flow of air. Be careful of burns and use something you can solder on like a wooden block, since the tin WILL go onto whatever is under what you are soldering, and that's better not your precious old wooden kitchen table, undless you want your parents to go berserk. I advise that your parents should help you doing so. Well, afterwards, attach some strong glue to the bottom of that holding thingy and slowy pull the wires so the bulb holding thingy gos towards the cap, so that somewhen, you cn apply some pressure to it and glue the holding thingy to the cap.

If you are using LEDs, messure the distance between the wires staking out and drill holes in this distance into the bottle cap (or just use something pointy and pokem on...ehmm in). Then push the leds wires through those holes and test in which direction of electricity flow the leds actually work, since they only work in one direction. Use wire to solder the same poles together (use the same precautions as described above), and some more wire to connect them to the energy source.

Where whe get to the stand and the energy source aka batteries.

To create the stand, just bend wire around the nec of the bottle tightly, then let bend it so it's perpendicular to the bottle and then after 20 or 30 centimeters again so it forms a stand, which allows the whole construction to stand. Screw the bottlecap with the bulb/LED onto the bottle, and lead the wires down to the stand. There you can put into the battery holding thingy and solder the wires to it (when using the LED, make shure it"s the right direction, if in doublt, check beforehand, with a bulb, just dont care). It might be smart to attach a switch.

Attatch the battery holding thingy to the stand, if you want to you can cover it up with another piece you cut out of a bottle, this time maybe larger if you want a stable stand. If you want, you can cover the bottle up with plastic like the first one, but its not really as neccesairy as with the other one, where the cover is there to create some ambient light instead of really harsh direct light.

Now you just finished to create some awesome lamp out of junk, that a crazy guy thaugh of wich you proably can even sell in some crazy hipster store...

If you need even more ideas, check out Instructables, they have some amazing stuff over there,

WFG Oliv

national museum of american history time?

national museum of american history time?

Are you talking the Smithsonian museum on the National Mall? And what do you mean by time? Do you mean what time it's open. The Smithsonians American History Museum is usually open from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, though currently their on extended hours so most days they close at 7:30 PM until September 4th. In fact the three most popular Smithsonian museums, National Museum of American History, National Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum, and the National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center, are all running like that. For operating hourse check out the link below.

Also on this date Sunday, May 22, 2022...