National Mentoring Month on January, 2023: Why isnt the "Mentoring Brothers" organisation outlawed as a racist?

January, 2023 is National Mentoring Month 2023. Mentoring for Orgnization‎ Join Corporate Partnership Program to Improve Leadership Skills.

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Why isnt the "Mentoring Brothers" organisation outlawed as a racist?

In a review, Big Brothers Big Sisters was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of its top ten charities, making the publication’s “gold star” list of charities worthy of donor consideration. The magazine surveyed 200 non-profits and rated them on how efficiently they collect and distribute dollars. Forbes looked at three categories: charitable commitment; fundraising efficiency, and donor dependency.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is rated a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator. The top rating reflects organisational efficiency and capacity

Public/Private Ventures, an independent Philadelphia-based national research organisation, conducted a study from 1994–95, monitoring 950 boys and girls nationwide to study the effects of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Out of the 950 children half were randomly chosen to be matched, and the others were put on a waiting list. According to the study the matched children meet with their Big Brother or Sister about three times a month for a year

After surveying the children at the beginning of the study, and again after 18 months, the researchers found that the Little Brothers and Little Sisters, compared to those children not in the program, were:

46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs

27% less likely to begin using alcohol

52% less likely to skip school

37% less likely to skip a class

33% less likely to hit someone

They also found that the Littles were more confident of their performance in schoolwork and got along better with their families

Please explain how this charity which have been helping children succeed for over a hundred years can be compared with a group of white supremacists who spent this time murdering, raping, assaulting and terrorising their neighbours because of the colour of their skin.

This is your worst attempt so far to attempt to justify your right wing racism.

Terrance Shaw, an off-duty Memphis cop?

Terrance Shaw, an off-duty Memphis cop?

As Shaw is black, it's unlikely that either Sharpton or Jackson will show up, lead a march, and make it national news.

Where can I get good advice or assistance with opening a new business?

Where can I get good advice or assistance with opening a new business?

I suggest you become a member of the following associations and purchase their members-only reports and interact with other members who may be able to guide you:

Retail Bakers Association

Grocery Manufacturers Association

International Dairy Deli Bakery Association

It may help you if you could talk with a small business expert or free mentors to give you ideas on how to make your dream of starting a business come true even without money. Here are some places where you can find a mentor:

- Government Mentoring Programs such as SBDCs, which works with community colleges and local business development councils to offer mentoring programs ; or the Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training

- Volunteer programs such as SCORE which is composed of mostly retired executives and entrepreneurs

- Formal mentoring programs such as Athena Foundation , Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program , or The Aspen Institute MicroMentor Program

- Professional organizations such as the National Women’s Business Council

- Industry and trade associations

- Local business groups, such as the chamber of commerce

- Local chapters of business groups

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