National Kite Month on March, 2023: one month in India?

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one month in India?

Hey I m from India!

GOA, MYSORE, Calcutta, Agra, Rajasthan, Delhi are all good. Taj Mahal, Gateways and Minarettes are all worth it.

Inter-city flights are very frequent and cheap (start from abt Rs.4000) some holiday periods (eg. Kite festival on 14th Jan) can be extremely busy and tickets are impossible.

However, if u really want to see the real India, u won’t find it here . . .

Firstly, trains in India are legendary. They are the blood vessels, travel in them atleast once. U will see every emotion of the melodrama that is India, in that ONE trip. Mumbai-Kolkata expresses (thts wht almost all trains are named - something something Express) bisects the country, and u can see the regions changing, its amazing.

Some places which i reccomend ~

Varanasi (You Said It!) same as Benaras/Kashi/Prayag many other names. It is spectacular, everyday is a carnival (in the religious sense, not the samba sense) the spirituality is so thick u can feel it in the air

Karwar (north Kerala) and after 8 yrs, u deserve summin like this. its a sea-side sort of place, very peaceful. Basically, it has beaches like Goa, but with no people! Some of the in-waters (which are harder to get to) are magnificent with free boat rides from real local fishermen. to get there - go to Goa (which u will) and get a 1hr bus/cab ride. bus = Rs.15-20, taxi = Rs. 40-50

Jabalpur - u would never see this on tourist/travel websites. But it is the city for Bhedaghat (Dhuandhar waterfalls) and Kanaha national park for tigers! Narmada is not even the 2nd largest river in India. This waterfall gives u an idea how big the Ganges will be (in Howrah). Idea is to live in Jabalpur, see small town India while making trips to the 'endangered species' and the mammoth waterfall. There are resorts, but again too touristy for my liking. Jabalpur is comfortable. To get there - get off the train from Mumbai to Kolkata. It falls en route.

One thing - jeep rides into the tiger reserve are cool, but make sure its not rackety noisy li’l piece of junk - scares the animals away - u may never see one :-(

Some world famous places which would be heaving with people – but u can’t afford to miss –



St. Xavier’s church in Panjim, Goa (embalmed remains of the guy himself!)

Victoria Terminus – Mumbai,

Golden Temple – Amritsar

Rajasthan – many palaces and lakes – the train!

Lakshadweep or Andaman Nicobar (Indian Ocean Islands)

There are lots of other smaller places,

Ahmedabad (Gandhi ji’s ashram),

Dwarka (Krishna temple)

Kolhapur/Sindhudurgh/Raighad (Shivaji’s Forts),

Diu Daman,

Leh Laddak (this is too extreme, but special)

Any flipping village in Kerala (they’re all beautiful),

Sasan Gir forests, Junaghad, Gujarat (only other place with lions in natural habitat, aft Africa. And the lions are different – Asiatic opposed to African)

Gwalior, MP (royal palaces)

Pune (just ‘coz it’s so cool!)

Haridwar (to understand what Ganges means to the Indian ppl)

basically, one months not enough 

hope u use it well

I hope I haven’t confused u rather than help u . . .

Ps: India has a lot of people. About a billion or so. So get used to them. Everything WILL be crowded. I mean EVERYTHING. Take my word.

What places could I take my 10 month old this summer?

What places could I take my 10 month old this summer?

mmm....10 months old??? we went to Asbury Park last summer because it was the closest beach for us. We live in Orange County NY. We went to the beach then walked on the boardwalk for abit. They have a nice water park there for young kids. It was fantastic, my kids are older but it was one of the best day trips we have ever taken. they went inthe ocean for abit, flew kites, played inthe sand, then we went to the water park...simple things, spouting water, rides. It was so great because it was close to home...kind of and at the end of our day we went back to the waterpark to rince sand off the kids and they have showers and a place to change. Its not a water park but a sprinkler park and may be good for your child.

Van Saun County park may be fun. they have a zoo there and alot of other fun stuff to do, a it. Shouldn't be to far from NYC.

we have a childrens museum here, we joined and can go to any museum in "the plan" there is a childrens museum in NYC..not sure where, I think it is near the Museum of Natural Histroy. It must be better than our childrens museum.....It is in NYC...and ours is great!

10 months is such a hard age to find "stuff to do". Have fun this summer, next year you will have alot more options and alot of fun. Not that I am wishing your baby to get older a year makes lot of difference..."fun wise" at this age. Next year plan a trip to Seaworld!!! We took my son at 2, he LOVED it, so much we have gone back 3 years in a row.

We took the trip to Mystic...ok but, not worth the long trip. The aquarium at coney island...not as good but fine at 10 months old, and alot closer to home.

If you get the membership to the bronx zoo..about $150 for the family for the year you can visit all the places included..the central park zoo the aquarium in coney island, I think there is one in statan islnad, bronx zoo. You are right there so the membership may be worth it for your family. If you go to one of the places once a month you will more than get your moneys worth, and be contributing to the National Wild Life socitey.

what are the latest movies this month or showing in theaters next month or soon??

what are the latest movies this month or showing in theaters next month or soon??


Dan in Real Life

Saw IV


American Gangster

Martian Child

Bee Movie

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Darfur Now


Lions for Lambs

No Country for Old Men

Fred Claus




Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Love in the Time of Cholera

Margot at the Wedding

Southland Tales



August Rush

The Mist


I'm Not There [limited]

This Christmas


The Savages [limited]



The Golden Compass


Grace Is Gone [limited]


I Am Legend

Juno [limited]

The Kite Runner [limited]

Cassandra's Dream [limited]

The Perfect Holiday

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Youth Without Youth [LA/NY]


National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street [ltd.]

P.S., I Love You


The Bucket List

There Will Be Blood [LA/NY]

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Charlie Wilson's War

The Great Debaters

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