National Impotency Month on November, 2022: What affliction do I suffer from? What can I do?

November, 2022 is National Impotency Month 2022. November Holidays Information from Holidays and Observances Days/Weeks/Months - Info.

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What affliction do I suffer from? What can I do?

You have to sit down alone in your most comfortable place & relax, then think about the good things you have & that surrounds you,then take a mental picture of all those things for your mind, store them in your own happy box,you have a panic disorder, this is why you feel the way you do, you will also need to realize what are the things that are stopping the understanding of your parents, maybe if they see more your human side then your paniced or what hey think is a angry side, you are very intelligent, you should also research the studies done on cannabis for mental disorders, it is fascinating! Good luck

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