National Fresh Breath Day 2024 is on Tuesday, August 6, 2024: Need help deciding how to dress tomorrow!!?

Tuesday, August 6, 2024 is National Fresh Breath Day 2024. It's National Fresh Breath Day Filed Under: fresh breath

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Need help deciding how to dress tomorrow!!?

i would wear a white tank top with a nice black cardigan/jacket. then either black leggings or jeggings or some kind of black pants that don't really draw attention. heels or nice flats...whatever your comfortable in. for your hair, straiten it and curl the ends..that's always a cute go-to hairstyle for me. lasting breath...your best bet would be gum...and i would say curl your lashes and use a clear mascara. or just continue to curl your lashes throughout the day. not sure what else could work. hope this helped...

Aiming to spend a month in June which of the two islands should I spend more time with?

Aiming to spend a month in June which of the two islands should I spend more time with?

I studied in Wellington for a semester and it was by far my favorite city. If you are into art, museums, and music, Welly is a good start to your trip and you should definitely visit Te Papa (the national museum with free admission!). Other places to visit on the North Island: Rotorua, Hahei to see Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach, and Paihia in the Bay of Islands - from there you can take a tour bus up to Cape Reinga.

Places to visit on the South Island: Abel Tasman National Park (I went in summer so I'm not sure about this for you because you're going in Winter), Franz Josef - climb the glacier!, Queenstown (I would stay at least 4 or 5 days--a good hostel is Bumble's Backpackers- it's right on the lake and 2 minutes from downtown). When you're in Q-Town, book a Milford Sound tour - the most beautiful place in the whole country, I'm convinced. Lastly, if you're into chocolate, visit the Cadbury Factory in Dunedin - absolutely delicious!

Which part of England is better in you opinion, North or South?

Which part of England is better in you opinion, North or South?

South West is best. Cornwall has a magical coastline which is a breath of fresh air in this day and age.Devon is probably the most beautiful county in England.Of course Wales is better by far than England with 4 national parks in a much smaller area

Also on this date Tuesday, August 6, 2024...
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