National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2022 is on Thursday, January 13, 2022: A little more damage for the road?

Thursday, January 13, 2022 is National Clean Off Your Desk Day 2022. Celebrate National Clean Off Your Desk Day & Win Awesome Prizes ... Happy National Clean Off Your

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A little more damage for the road?

These are the final acts of a President who is cleaning off his desk and leaving an unprecedented mess for the next President. It was not unexpected and he still has a little more time to inflame the situation in Iran, so just keep holding your breath and hoping he has finished the demolition he started eight years ago. I wish he'd go away before his "going away party" comes up.

Get rid of the illegals and...?

Get rid of the illegals and...?

No shooting is necessary, just more effective law enforcement. Since We, The People, comprise a componemenenement of our government (especially during ELECTIONS, which are coming up, Sen. Fatbody, mark your calendar and clean out your desk), it's wise that we do our level best to handle the immigration issue with the same care and concern as you'd use in making a birthday cake for someone you really care about, or fixing a car that you'll be relying on day in and day out. This has to be done RIGHT, and it has to be done properly, and there's no short-cuts.

The major thorn in america's side right now on immigration is the bitter fact that our representation is composed of a bunch of check-kiting sellouts, hence the need to act in November. It' important for them to 'feel our pain' at the polling stations, so MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT, AND VOTE. Encourage as many people as you know to do likewise. Low voter turnout is an historic problem in america, and people gotta develop a little civic spirit and make their views known, on paper, in unmistakable fashion, so we don't end up with, like, an oil company effectively running our country(into the ground), and writing national policy that will, in effect, render the actual citizens of our country more or less voiceless.

Put DOWN the gun, and slowly back away. Instead of praising god and counting your ammunition, engage your city council in a dialogue. Attend a city council meeting, ensure that yours and others' views are being effectively transmitted to your state capitol. Write letters to the editor, take advantage of any public speaking opportunities you can find, take some time off from work to volunteer with your local groups, really get out there, and make your voice heard. If more people did that, I think there'd be a lot of people from other countries packing their suitcases and heading for the bus station, and there'd be no translator required. Either A) you do your level best to assimilate and hold a job, or B) hit the road, jack. No in-between, no putting 20 people into an apartment zoned to hold 4 at the most, no drug dealing, no pan-handling, and god help you if you rob somebody, because that'll mean 20 years in the Big House back home wherever it is you came from. There's no reason for american taxpayers to have to support foreigners in our prison system, not when it costs 40 grand per prisoner in support costs(that's a prime candidate for congressional review, there, if you ask me), and further no reason nor pre-existing obligation or debt that requires americans to tolerate a massive and unchecked influx of people from all over the world who simply want to come to america and

live off of others. Working rights need to be reviewed, too, if you don't have the authentic papers in your hands that say the government has given you the permission to work in america, then you'd better have some money saved, either that or get OUT.

We have existing laws. They need to be effectively enforced. That's only fair to all those who've put in a hard day's work all their lives, and deserve to have their rights respected and protected by our government. Part of that 'homeland security' stuff is NOT selling the country down the river, and since there've been several of our so-called representatives out there doing exactly that, walking hand-in-hand down the 'globalization' path with their corporate pals, it's time for a wake-up call, there. I'm all for an annual audit for these guys n gals that'll prove them above reproach, 'unimpeachable', so to speak, that'll give the american public the peace of mind it deserves in placing ANY faith and trust in this whole 'representation' process. If they're not doin' it, they need to be thrown out of office, there's a process for that, it's called 'a recall election'. Fraud and corruption can prove ruinous, even to our country, so the people need to stand up and bear the burden of proof against those that would willingly short-change the voters at the polling booth. We need a 'citizens renaissance', sort of, people gotta get out there, and VOTE. Be vocal, be public, be active, be peaceful, but be EFFECTIVE. When Sen. Fatbody realizes that it's HIS job on the line over the immigration issue, that HE stands a great chance of being 'outsourced', then there'll be more of a fire under his chair to get about the job of reinforcing the desires of more and more people to not be QUITE so generous with the taxpayer's dollar....

What can I do to make sure this strange white powder coating everything on my job isn’t a health

What can I do to make sure this strange white powder coating everything on my job isn't a health hazard?

Take a brush and sweep up some of the material into a small clean and dry bottle (like a pill bottle). Then look in the yellow pages for an asbestos lab. Send them the sample and they will give you a report. Call them first that you want a complete breakdown, not just positive/negative. It is probably just dust, fibers, and maybe some fiberglass, but only testing can tell. EMSL is a national lab that can help (answerer is not affiliated). Call the closest location and explain what you have concerns about. If it is only normal dust, there is not much you can do beyond what you already do. I would use something like lysol wipes in rotation with the bleach wipes for better coverage. Use a different one type each day but not at the same time.

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