National Chili Dog Day 2021 is on Saturday, July 31, 2021: Kosher Menu, for 3 meals a day. HELP ?

Saturday, July 31, 2021 is National Chili Dog Day 2021. Free Hard Times chili dog today, 07.29.2010 Toay is National Chili Dog Day

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Kosher Menu, for 3 meals a day. HELP ?

Donuts work for breakfast. Some Sunny select OJ (Californian thing)

I'd pick a Sara Lee bagel with some cream cheese, and Vegemite.

Dinner, Hebrew national hot-dogs, and a Sara lee bun, with some ketchup, and turkey chili.

Chocolate cake, and white cream cookies, with kosher flour.

What is the national dish for Americans?

What is the national dish for Americans?

abuela nany says:

There is nothing more american than turkey...which is the native bird "par excellence", and is roasted for most of the festive or holiday meals...also corn, on the cob or not (including corn chowder)...and cranberries...These were staples in the indian diets before the white men ever set foot in America!

Also "American as Apple Pie" is a good saying, and true, but pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, and pecan pie are also "national" desserts..So are brownies, angel food cake and devils food cake.and Georgia peach pie!

Then there are the regional dishes...such as Boston baked beans, New England clam chowder, southern fried chicken (nothing to do with the famous coronel S.), Southwestern BBQ and Texas chili, Creole Gumbo and Jambalaya, the Pennsylvania Dutch recipes like banana bread and pickled eggs, and many more that I don't have in mind right now..

American cooking is excellent and quite varied...and by the way...the hot dog (frankfurter) and hamburger were imported from Germany...and french fries are originally from Belgium and France, even tho' nowadays when people say "American" those are the first things that come to mind. And the presumably typical american sandwich...was invented by the chef of the Earl of England! (Although the americans have turned sandwich making into an art!)

And what about: catsup or ketchup???...There is presumably nothing more american than this famous tomato sauce...which in reality was imported from China and Indonesia by the chinese immigrant workers who helped build the railroads in the wild west! (The original name was Ketjiap tho' I'm not quite sure of the spelling)..

Another thing typically american is the candy bar...most, if not all, candy bars were created in the USA during the depression years (such as snickers, baby ruth, mars bars, etc...).

And as far as beverages...Coca Cola and all the other soft drinks that followed. Some are not even known outside of North America (such as Dr. Pepper)!

Look up a good cooking website, there are's one I like...

You could spend days just reading the recipes!!!

HELP! Looking desperately for a depression era hot dog chile recipe?

HELP! Looking desperately for a depression era hot dog chile recipe?

You could check out this HOT DOG page..

You might also contact Ruritan National @

Also on this date July 31, 2021...