National Canoe Day 2023 is on Monday, June 26, 2023: Where are some primitive camping sites close to Acadia National park in maine? Islands?

Monday, June 26, 2023 is National Canoe Day 2023. Celebrate National Canoe Day! National Canoe Day.

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Where are some primitive camping sites close to Acadia National park in maine? Islands?

"There is no backcountry camping in Acadia. Primitive camping is available at Duck Harbor Campground, located on Isle au Haut."

"Camp by the Surf

There's no better way to take advantage of all Acadia has to offer than camping, but backpacking is prohibited. The two major campgrounds are fairly Spartan sites as far as car camping goes, without hot water, showers, or utility hookups. Blackwoods Campground lies in a forested area due south of Cadillac Mountain and is just a short walk from the sea. Seawall Campground lies on the southwestern corner of the park and also lives up to its name, with sites right by the ocean. If you brought your canoe or kayak, try Duck Harbor Campground on Isle au Haut, and spend your days exploring the coastlines of Acadia's many islands. Reserve early, since these sites start to go by early spring."

I think you're supposed to take the ferry and put in once you get to the island, but you can only camp in the one spot.

big bend canoe trip?

big bend canoe trip?

There are outfitters in the Big Bend area that will rent you a canoe. Some will even rent you a tent and other gear. The more you rent, the more it costs.

The old cowboys said that everything in that area either bites, stings or scratches. It still does.

The Rio Grande is the border between Mexico and the US. Yes, illegals cross there. Drug runners too. Go to this site for more info:

Cell phones DO NOT work in 99.9% of the area. Even if you are injured near somewhere with a phone, expect an hour for help to arrive and then one to two hours to a good hospital.

I suggest you try camping there in one of the many primitive camping areas. You will be more alone than you have ever been before. The stars will be brighter than you have ever seen. Hike some areas of the river. The Rio Grande is no place for you if you are not an experienced camper. Spanish speaking would be a plus.

Water is scarce. Bring more than you think you will need. Do not drink water from the river.

Big Bend is huge and it is spectacular. There ARE snakes, scorpions, bears and cougars there. Unless you are stupid they won't bother you.

My wife have been camping there twice and love it. We want to ride the river but won't do it without a guide.

Use the campground food locker to keep your food. Leave your pets at home.

Make sure your vehicle is in good shape. Pay special attention to your tires. If you go off road, there are plants with spines that will puncture your tires (I know!!)

Stop by the town of Alpine for the most beautiful college campus you ever saw.

What’s the longest Canoe Trip You’ve ever been on and would you repeat it?

What's the longest Canoe Trip You've ever been on and would you repeat it?

Last xmas I spent 5 days with friends canoeing the Okeefenocee Swamp and it was awesome (you reserve a route and camp on platforms). Would have gone this year but the water is too low. It was very beautiful ( scenery and bird-wise) and I didn't see people for a few days.

Spent 5 days canoeing down the Green River in Utah, definitely would do that again..didn't see many people, ledges to camp on, nice moving water, nice side hikes.

I've guided 5 day Canoe trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota, and I'd go again, but with really, really light canoes this time, and minimal gear. Those portages were evil. The wildlife was cool to see, except for the bears.

I liked guiding a 5 day canoe trip in Voyagers National Park better, you could camp anywhere (in those days), so you could camp on islands each night-and I saw so many eagles, and otters, I don't get to see either of those in the wild too often.

I paddled with friends (rafted) down the Grand Canyon for 15 days, and I'd never do it without guides again-it was way too much work paddling all day, cooking at night and doing all the setup/break down camp work each day...

Also on this date Monday, June 26, 2023...