Museum Advocacy Day 2022 is on Thursday, February 24, 2022: Is the U.S. imperialistic in the Middle East?


Thursday, February 24, 2022 is Museum Advocacy Day 2022. The World's Gone MAD, Museum Advocacy Day That Is! Museum Advocacy Day (MAD)

Is the U.S. imperialistic in the Middle East?

Yes totally. We made sure to secure oil there since day 1 with our military. But museums, police stations, basic water, electricity infrastructure, hospitals never had any security. Today, there are still more american business people in Iraq thant there are american soldiers.

We also pay for the work of our military for them to secure our american businessmen there.

We killed nearly a million of Iraqis under false reasons or to officially implement our own US-type democracy in a very traditional country that never asked us to do so. And all of that with the use of force. Implementing a democracy by a foreign country with the use of force!!!!! Is that even possible?

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Why are people so against having to come to America and actually having to work for citizenship?

Why are people so against having to come to America and actually having to work for citizenship?

Miss California, daughter of real ‘immigrant,’ expresses view against amnesty

During a webcam interview with NBCLA, Arianna Afsar, the UCLA sophomore, and recently crowned Miss California came out strongly against amnesty for illegal aliens, saying: “I think that people who want to be a United States citizen need to come over here legally in order to get the privileges that every American receives.”

Afsar’s father is an immigrant, from Bangladesh. He also helped three family members come here. All arrived through legal means.

Afsar told the reporter: "It ended up taking him 10 years, but he did it legally. I don't think that if you are close to the border that you have the right to be given the rights of a United States citizen.”

Of course, on their webiste (nbclosangelescom), NBC described Afsar’s belief that the rule of law should apply to everyone as “controversial.”

You see, one of the facts that the open borders crowd (which includes the mainstream press) keeps secret is the absolute disgust that legal immigrants have for those who enter this country illegally, as well for the federal government who sits by and allows it to happen.

A few years ago, I met a man named Isadore who hailed from the tiny African nation of Togo.

After applying for a visa, Isadore waited three years to come to the United States. In that time, he learned to speak English fluently, and worked several jobs. He wanted to be fully prepared for life in this country, upon arrival.

When I met him, Isadore had three jobs. He worked at Fed Ex as a part-time driver, at an art museum as a security guard, and as a car salesman. In time, I actually helped him get a job at our local newspaper…He had and kept four jobs at one time.

Of course, he was a legal resident and as such, he paid his share of taxes. He also paid for his own health insurance through his employer, all the while--studying for his citizenship test.

On more than one occasion, he told me that he did not understand why Americans put up with illegal aliens, and that in his country, they would simply be deported. He also told me that if he one day realized that he could not support himself here, that he would simply return home, rather than taking “ a penny of welfare.”

Last year, he attended a citizenship ceremony in Williamsburg, Va. He told me that it was the proudest day of his life.

Isadore has since moved from Virginia, and works as a federal prison guard in Arizona…locking-up illegal aliens.

In Isadore, we are reminded that a proven “path to citizenship” does exist for the law abiding. We are also reminded of what a true immigrant really is.

What an insult it would be to the millions of hard-working, respectful people who have come to this country legally, to grant citizenship to those who have chosen to sneak in and thumb their noses at the rest of us.

We are constantly subjected to lies and propaganda from the likes of President Obama and Sen. Lindsey Graham about the difficulties one faces as an immigrant to this country. Of course, they are not referring to legitimate immigrants, but to the millions of illegal aliens, now placing a huge burden upon this nation.

Those politicians and advocacy groups who continue to push for a so-called “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens, ignore the fact that there is already such a “path” and it has been successfully taken by millions. Of course, it is not quick, and it does not reward criminals.

What to do when a dentist or medical office refuse to provide interpreters?

What to do when a dentist or medical office refuse to provide interpreters?

There is no such thing as a "private dentist". Even if he's working out of his basement, he still needs to comply with the ADA as a place of business accepting patients. Sounds like the receptionist (I'm guessing that's who fielded your call) isn't up to snuff on the legal obligations of treating a deaf/hoh client. Contact an advocacy center in your area. They are trained to deal with doctors and professionals who refuse to provide interpreters. It is rarely the deaf person's obligation to provide a terp.

Is there a reason why you must go to this dentist? Frankly, I stay away from anyone who isn't willing to accommodate my needs. More often than not, they provide you with less than adequate care.

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