Miniature Golf Day 2022 is on Wednesday, September 21, 2022: Is miniature golf a romantic activity for Valentine's Day?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 is Miniature Golf Day 2022.

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Miniature Golf Day

Obtain on your own to the (tiny) putting environment-friendly for Miniature Golf Day! A great day out for the family, and an excuse to sharpen up your putting capabilities done in one enjoyable package deal. Look out for the windmill turbines!

Is miniature golf a romantic activity for Valentine’s Day?

Sounds like a great idea. Just make sure she needs to know how to hit the ball. That way you can help her ;)

Does the miniature golf at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort cost money?

Does the miniature golf at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort cost money?

The last time I stayed at the Bonnet Creek, we played a few rounds of the mini golf. It did not cost anything.

Neither did any of the other activities-- such as video games, Ping-Pong, etc.

My tip for staying at this resort is to enjoy it. Absolutely enjoy it because it is a beautiful resort.

The pools feel quite cold, but those hot tubs are NICE.

If you want reliable transportation to the parks, the shuttles now cost money (or so I've been told) and they only go to-and-from the parks a few times per day. The best thing you could do is rent a car if you're able to do so.

What the heck do I wear golfing?

What the heck do I wear golfing?

Are you planning on giving him a round of golf and going to golf with him for the day? Is he taking lessons the same day? Do you have the times for this stuff all arranged or are you just going there for a surprise? Is this club open to the public or is it a private club? If it's a private club do you have membership privileges? He may be able to get a lesson, not sure about the golf if it's a private club. And if it's a public course you may have to wait. What if it rains that day?

I'm not sure how happy he will be golfing with you if you've never golfed. Real golf is not like mini golf. Will he spend the entire time teaching you? It's not an easy game if you've never played. Rather than worry about your wardrobes for the day why don't you arrange for a gift certificate to the golf course and he can go with his buds, and a gift certificate for a lesson. Does he really want lessons?

Plan instead to make dinner for him or take him out for dinner with you and his friends to celebrate his birthday instead of worrying about golf.

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