Melba Toast Day 2022 is on Wednesday, February 23, 2022: Valentines day help please?


Wednesday, February 23, 2022 is Melba Toast Day 2022. Months of Edible Celebrations: It's National Melba Toast Day! It's National Melba Toast Day!

Melba Toast Day

Melba Toast Day provides a different slant around the sandwich or snack. Why don't you get creative and substitute normal bread for Melba toast at lunchtime?

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Valentines day help please?

Starter ideas -


Pate and melba toast with chutney

Spicy sweet potaoto and parsnip soup

Mains -

Steak and chips (homemade)- men love it

Or wrap the steak in puff patry and mushroom pate for beef wellington

Stuffed chicken fillets and crushed baby herby potatoes

Carbonara pasta



Chocolate pots

Chocolate fondu and strawberry/marshmallows to dip

Or do a theamed night such as italian or mexican for a fun twist.

Good luck hun x

What is Melba Toast and is it healthy?

What is Melba Toast and is it healthy?

Yes, it is healthy, more or less, and is low in fat.

It is just sliced bread that has been baked until it is dry dry dry!

You eat them instead of crackers.

Some are flavored, so you need to read the nutritional info on the box to make sure that they haven't also added fat. Melba toast is generally known as a "diet" food from the old days!

Is this too little food to eat each day?

Is this too little food to eat each day?

i would say dont eat 3 stuck meals a day, eat healthly little and often whenever your hungry.

Also on this date February 23, 2022...