Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day 2022 is on Tuesday, September 13, 2022: Ideas for cooking camp?

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 is Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day 2022. Every Day Is Special: September 13, 2012 - Kids Take Over the ... Kids Take Over the Kitchen

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Ideas for cooking camp?

You want to make dishes that kids can easily be involved with. The foods must also be kid friendly and something that they would want to eat. Also make sure to not use dangerous kitchen objects such as sharp knives or open flames when cooking. If for whatever reason you have to use a dangerous kitchen object, be sure to instruct them about safety precautions. It might also be a good idea to only let the older children handle the sharp objects and unsafe kitchen tools. I think it would be cool to make something for every meal of the day. This would give them a wide variety of things to make anytime of the day.

For breakfast, you could just do a traditional breakfast but with some added flare. Put a grill pan on medium heat to make this dish. Take a piece of bread and cut a hole in the center using a donut cutter or even a cookie cutter. Place the bread on the preheated grill pan and toast both sides. During the last few minutes of cooking on the second side, crack an egg into the hole in the bread. This will create a sunny side up egg inside the toast! It is very fun and just a little different than your traditional eggs and toast. You could also fry up some bacon or sausage links.Sausage "meatballs" would be a good thing to throw into the oven while the eggs are cooking. KIds love to roll things and play with their food. You could just add some seasonings to ground sausage to put in the oven. Very simply and delicious.

For lunch, let kids make their own wraps. Include lots of fresh vegetables and lean meat options. Teach them the importance of nutrition. For a cooking lesson, you could make homemade dressings or spreads to put on the wraps. You could also teach the basics of grilling meat and adding flavor. This could be done on a grill, in the oven, or in a pan on the stove. To go with it, make a pasta salad of some kind. This is extremely kid friendly as who doesn't love pasta!

As a snack, make trail mix or homemade granola bars. Kids love either one. You could also make a fruit salad which tastes great during the summer and will stress the importance of healthy eating. Chocolate coat some fruit pieces too. This is extremely fun but tastes great as well. Bananas and strawberries pair great with chocolate. You could cover apple slices in a peanut butter sauce or even a homemade caramel sauce. It never hurts to satisfy the sweet tooth at snack time.

Dinner could be homemade pizzas done on the grill. Teach them about making dough. Allow the kids to create mini, personalized pizzas with whatever toppings they desire. This allows them to be hands on and show their creativeness. A nice salad would be the perfect side dish.

For dessert, make smores! It's a classic that kids absolutely love. You can do them in the oven or microwave if you don't want to work over the open flame of a fire. Mountain pies are another kid favorite. You need to get a sandwich maker than you can use over the fire. Two pieces of bread stuffed with sweet things like marshmallow, chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, and candy pieces creates a delicious dessert sandwich! A layered trifle would also be a good hands on dessert with layers of fresh brownies, homemade whipped cream, fresh fruit, or a cream cheese filling.

what is a good schedule for kids all day?

what is a good schedule for kids all day?

Here some facts that work best for us.

>times for this or that... Tip: use their AGE as a guide. eg. age 5=

five kids for a b'day party, age 7= seven kids for a b'day party.

age 5 = five minute timeout, age 7= seven min. timeout.

>what chores.... age 5 can start helping w/ laundry, can sort clean socks, fold own underwear,and put clothes in dresser. ((adult should assist w/open & closeing draws.)) also, at age 5, can put soiled clothes in hamper, and replace clean kitchen garbage bags with little assistance. age 5= can put own juice box and fruit snacks in lunchbox. age 7= can do all items of 5 yr old without well as can take out garbage, prepare simple sandwiches and empty own lunch box when coming home from school.

>bed time.... 8pm sharp. start preparing for bed 1 hr before.

bath time, reading or 15 min routine video. (our favorites, BabyEinstien classical music, or Mother Goose rhyme series.)

>wakeup time for a 7:15 bus.... I believe this depends on child's individual habits. An easy going child possibly 5:45 am may work.

have 15 minute reward time... for keeping on schedule. Riseing, dressing, includes shoes, eating, brushing teeth and hair. Then 15 minutes quality time together before out the door. We read a book if weather permits allow ourselves 5 extra minutes outside and play follow the leader, or bunny hop as we waite for the bus.

Good luck to ya. You may also want to check out some parent web sites, for more tips. check under problem behaviors, and find what works.

Have you washed you kids in the sink before?

Have you washed you kids in the sink before?

well, if you disinfect your kitchen every day like your supposed to you wouldnt have any problems, and really what kind of germ difference is there compared to a kitchen sink to a tub?? if anything you clean your sink more than your tub. I washed my son in the kitchen sink until he was able to crawl and we put him in the big tub

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