International Hot and Spicy Food Day 2022 is on Sunday, January 16, 2022: calendar for strange national holidays?

Sunday, January 16, 2022 is International Hot and Spicy Food Day 2022. World Food Day 2013‎ Help Us Save Lives on World Food Day, October 16

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International Hot and Spicy Food Day

For one red-hot day a year, the globe's chili heads, heat-seekers and extreme eaters could take their enthusiasm to extremes. International Hot and Spicy Foods Day sparks a wildfire of events, from habanero-eating challenges to fancy-dress competitions and cook-offs of preferred dishes. Amongst major connoisseurs, it additionally re-kindles the great discussion: which chili pepper tops the official Scoville heat scale?

There's no rejecting the risk-taker attributes of some of the celebrations. Nevertheless, distributor which such as a dish to tickle their palate, not make their eyes water, shouldn't really feel excluded. Delighting in a touch of heat in our food preparation is an around the world human trait, so what better day to welcome your friends and family to discover a various food? Thai, Indian, Creole and Caribbean dishes are all famous for their blends of fragrant ingredients, however lots of cultures flaunt their very own faves. After all, selection is really the seasoning of life ...

calendar for strange national holidays?

Here are some of the more off-the-wall holidays that you'll find happening in January:

* Baby Boom Birthday - January 1st

* Bean day - January 6th

* Beer Can Appreciation Day - January 24th

* Bird Day - January 5th

* Blame Someone Else Day - January 13th

* Bubble Bath Day - January 8th

* Chocolate Cake Day - January 27th

* Cuddle Up Day - January 6th

* Customer Service Day and National Get To Know Your Customers Day - January 17th

* Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day - January 17th

* Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day - January 12th

* Festival of Sleep Day - January 3rd

* Fruitcake Toss Day - January 3rd

* Fun at Work Day - January 28th

* Hot and Spicy Food International Day - January 16th

* Humiliation Day - January 4th

* Inspire Your Heart with Art Day - January 31st

* International Skeptics Day - January 13th

* Man Watcher's Day - January 8th

* Measure Your Feet Day - January 23rd

* National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day - Janaury 22nd

* National Dress Up your Pet Day - January 14th

* National Hugging Day - January 21st

* National Inane Answering Message Day - January 30th

* National Kazoo Day - January 28th

* National Nothing Day - January 16th

* National Popcorn Day - January 19th

* National Puzzle Day - January 29th

* National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day - January 11th

* Opposite Day - January 25th

* Peculiar People Day - January 10th

* Penguin Awareness Day - January 20th

* Play God Day - January 9th

* Run Up The Flagpole and See if Anybody Salutes It Day - January 2nd

* Spouse's Day - January 26th

* Squirrel Appreciation Day - January 21st

* Thesaurus Day - January 18th

* Trivia Day - January 4th

* Winnie the Pooh day - January 18th

What are foods that are typical in Qatar?

What are foods that are typical in Qatar?

it will be mild in mid February. not too hot, but not cold.. like a western spring..

Qatar is developing lately.. and there are a thousand different western and international restaurants..

People there eat Mcdonalds and KFC also.. Pizza Inn, etc..

but as for cultural home meals by the locals..

a lot of rice... roast lamb, roast beef, and roast chicken and some sort of spiced rice pilaf..

for breakfast they like things like flat bread pizzas with thick greek yogurt called lebnah.. and spices

on top.. and lamb flat bread pizzas, spinach pizzas.. they are not like italian pizza..

but they do eat italian there..

they make soups and stews out of lamb or chicken.. (fish also) beef not as popular.. and serve

stews over white rice..

people snack there.. the growing trend is chicken wings.. hahaha.. I dont know why but they

are popular here.they have ever single snack the world has to offer. oriental dumplings, arabic

or turkish bread triangles filled with savory meats or veggies.. chips, dip, cheeses, crackers,


new modern cooks are now cooking international recipes that might have a slight arabic flare, but still unique..

youll be amazed at how western things seem to be.. but

its a muslim country, so if you are female dress concervatively.. no shorts or short skirts/dresses..

and no see through blouses..

So I went shopping in a Islamic International food store the other day (I assume this because they

So I went shopping in a Islamic International food store the other day (I assume this because they sold the?

They was thinking "doesnt he look like muhamad."

Also on this date January 16, 2022...